Day 093 - 28 Feb 95 - Page 03

     1        allowing any of the parties in this case to put to any
     2        witness a document which has not been copied and produced
     3        to the other side before that witness begins his
     4        evidence-in-chief.  It is not directed only at you; it is
     5        directed at all the parties and it will not matter how
     6        important it is.  It is just too bad.  Anyway, let us carry
     7        on now and bear that in mind.
     9                     DR. GOMEZ GONZALEZ, recalled.
    10             Cross-examined by the Defendants continued.
    12   MS. STEEL:  The report about beak amputation, would you accept
    13        what that report says?
    14        A.  Yes, I would accept what the report says.  But with
    15        cautious, there was another when my Lord was outside, there
    16        was another article that was handed for me to review.
    17        Therefore, I did not have the time to review all of the
    18        three articles in detail.  I will say, however, that
    19        looking at the article, I could accept it for now, but
    20        I will also say that it has no implication, nor does it
    21        apply to McDonald's or our suppliers in any way, shape or
    22        form.
    24   Q.   Why not?
    25        A.  Because this is done on three things.  It is done on
    26        Leghorn hens which are laying hens.  We do not debeak
    27        laying hens.
    29   Q.   You do not?
    30        A.  No, we do not.
    32   Q.   I thought you did?
    33        A.  Only broilers.
    35   Q.   Only broilers?
    36        A.  Only broilers.
    38   Q.   So you personally can guarantee that none of the chickens
    39        that lay eggs that are used by McDonald's are debeaked?
    40        A.  We, no, you are putting words on me.  McDonald's do not
    41        own chickens, to begin with.  Our supplier, the question
    42        when it was asked to me, we were talking about broilers,
    43        specifically Tyson US.  This paper talks about laying
    44        hens.  This paper talks about the amputation.  We do not
    45        amputate during debeaking.
    47   Q.   It says "beak trimming"?
    48        A.  It says mutilation.  It starts by saying mutilation,
    49        and if you look down on the line, 13th line, it says
    50        "amputation". 
    52   Q.   "Partial amputation"? 
    53        A.  It says "amputation".
    55   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  We had better look at it.  You had better
    56        refer to specific parts of it.
    58   MS. STEEL:  OK.
    60   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  When the answer is given, we had better have

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