Day 099 - 08 Mar 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Wednesday, 8th March 1995.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  We have just served one document on the Plaintiffs.
     4          It was the document mentioned to Dr. Gonzalez about beef
     5        being the highest herbicide residues food products.  It is
     6        from the National Research Council in the USA.  That is to
     7        go with the supplementary list that Mrs. Brinley-Codd is
     8        sorting out.  At the back of that document -----
    10   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I think we are up to 14 now and it is just
    11        about bursting at the seams, so sooner rather than later we
    12        had better start another -----
    14   MR. RAMPTON:  Would your Lordship prefer a fatter file?
    16   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, it is extremely helpful to me to have
    17        them in the same colours titled as they are.  I will leave
    18        it on the top there and if at some stage it can go into a
    19        wider one, so much the better.
    21   MR. MORRIS:  I just wanted to point out that I am serving
    22        exactly what we got.  At the back of that document were
    23        three pages which were just the cover pages of the World
    24        Health Organisation report into Pesticide Residues and Food
    25        1989, but it does not actually have any of the text of
    26        that.  Obviously, we will try to get that.
    28   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, before I call Mr. Kenny who is here there
    29        are a couple of the things I would like to mention, if I
    30        may?  The first relates to Mr. Beavers.  Enquiries have
    31        been made in the United States -- I hope expeditiously,
    32        your Lordship amy think.  The position is this.  He arrive
    33        earlier than he is presently scheduled to do so as to be
    34        able to start giving evidence on Thursday, 6th April, which
    35        gives five days up to the end of 12th and the weekend in
    36        between.  After that, alas, he goes on sabbatical.  I am
    37        not able to tell your Lordship precisely what date his
    38        sabbatical begins.  That is his position.
    40   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am grateful for that information.
    41        Presumably, one could find out how long his sabbatical is.
    43   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes.
    45   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Three months, is it?
    47   MR. RAMPTON:  Three months, yes.  It is either 10 or 12 weeks.
    49   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  So it is before Easter or in the autumn.
    50        That is the choice. 
    52   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes, it looks like it.  Effectively, he will be 
    53        out of commission.  I certainly would not want to interrupt
    54        his sabbatical unless it is absolutely necessary.
    56   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  No.
    58   MR. MORRIS:  Certainly, there is no guarantee that our witnesses
    59        will be finished by 6th April and, secondly, even if they
    60        had been, we would not have any time to prepare and,

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