Day 109 - 28 Mar 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Tuesday, 28th March 1995
     3                    MRS. CATHERINE DRUCE, recalled
     4                Examined by the Defendants, continued
     6   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I forgot to mention earlier that on rereading
     7        Mr. Long's statement, I think the second page of my copy
     8        may be missing.  Do not bother about it now, but if before
     9        the end of the week you could give me a photocopy of the
    10        complete statement, I will substitute it in the bundle.
    11        Yes?
    13   MS. STEEL:  Dr. Pattison made reference to having seen birds
    14        standing on the back of other birds in order to reach the
    15        drinkers.  Do you have any comment on that?
    16        A.  Well, I would think it would show that the necessary
    17        culling or, at least, taking away of unfit birds, had not
    18        been carried out because a bird that was so small that it
    19        had to climb on another bird's back would be a runt of some
    20        kind and should have been removed.
    22   Q.   If it did not, would that have any welfare implications?
    23        A.  If it could not perform this without climbing on
    24        another bird's back it might well die from dehydration.
    26   Q.   Right.  Would that be something that would take some time
    27        to happen, would the death be immediate?
    28        A.  I would think it would take two or three days.  It
    29        would be a combination of starvation as well because water
    30        is vital for -- a bird cannot just eat dry food, it has to
    31        have the water.  So it would be starvation and dehydration
    32        which, I do not know, I think it would take two days
    33        perhaps, maybe longer.
    35   Q.   During that time is it likely that the bird would be
    36        suffering?
    37        A.  Yes, I am sure it would be suffering, particularly from
    38        thirst.
    40   Q.   The labour allocation, I do not know, I am not sure if you
    41        were here on the day that Dr. Pattison was talking about
    42        labour allocation, but the labour allocation in the Farm
    43        Animal Welfare Council Report is one stockperson per 80,000
    44        birds; is that something that you feel is adequate?
    45        A.  Well, no, I think the whole inspection and process of
    46        looking after individual birds' welfare is completely
    47        impossible within the broiler system.
    49   Q.   Do you remember what Dr. Pattison said?  Do you think that
    50        would apply to Sun Valley as well? 
    51        A.  I think he said that the stockperson walked the shed 
    52        three times a day.   Would this be one person? 
    54   Q.   I am sorry, I am not sure -----
    56   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, I think it was one person at a time did
    57        the walk?
    58        A.  Yes.
    60   MS. STEEL:  How long do you think that one person would need to

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