Day 109 - 28 Mar 95 - Page 03

     1        be able to check a complete shed of 20,000 birds?
     2        A.  Well, I think it would be impossible because it is a
     3        moving mass to some extent and you would never know if you
     4        were looking at different birds or the same ones again.
     5        Also I notice that in the FAWK Report it is suggested that
     6        at least 200 lux would be necessary for such an inspection,
     7        that is bringing it up 190 lux plus probably, in which
     8        case, my opinion is that the behaviour of the birds might
     9        be changed by this sudden relative lightness, and that
    10        makes inspection even more difficult.  I maintain that
    11        inspection of broiler houses, a true welfare inspection, is
    12        impossible.
    14   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Is there is such a provision in the FAWK
    15        Report, I would like at some stage be given chapter and
    16        verse.
    18   MS. STEEL:  Right, sorry.
    19        A.  It would be under "Inspection", the heading
    20        "Inspection" -- there is an index.
    22   MS. STEEL:  I was trying to remember where it was in the bundles
    23        up there in case you wanted to get it down.  It should be
    24        the Defendants' Supplementary list of documents, bundle 2,
    25        which will be the ones just to the right of the first six.
    26        Then within that it is No. 27.  Actually, it is on page 5
    27        of that.
    28        A.  It is on -- it is paragraph 48, towards the end of it.
    30   MR. MORRIS:  Page 18?
    31        A.  Yes, and the 20 lux mentioned here is above the general
    32        lighting in broiler houses, but Sun Valley, I cannot
    33        remember the exact -----
    35   MS. STEEL:  It says 10 to 20.  The current labour allocation
    36        rate, this is on page 5, paragraph 12?
    37        A.  Paragraph 12?
    39   Q.   Yes, but that is the current one.
    40        A.  Sorry, which number was that?
    42   Q.   Paragraph 12.
    43        A.  But in what -- you are not talking about Sun Valley
    44        now, are you?
    46   Q.   No, sorry.
    48   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  We are not talking about Sun Valley because
    49        I do not think this point was raised with Dr. Pattison, so
    50        I have heard no evidence as to whether the lights were 
    51        turned up or not for the purposes of inspection. 
    52        A.  I think inspection would be impossible without doing 
    53        that.
    55   Q.   Sorry?
    56        A.  I think inspection would be impossible without turning
    57        up the lights and they all do have a dimmer switch.
    59   Q.   Yes.  Just pause a moment, please.  I do know that it was
    60        80 lux when Dr. Gregory went there, which at the moment it

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