Day 111 - 30 Mar 95 - Page 03

     2   MR. MORRIS:  You were employed by Jarretts slaughterhouse --
     3        I cannot remember the exact dates now -- it was April, was
     4        it, last year, 1994?
     5        A.  Well, I was not employed by Jarretts slaughter.  I was
     6        employed by the veterinary practice, Eville and Jones, and
     7        they had a contract with the local authority to provide
     8        official veterinary surgeon services for that particular
     9        abattoir.
    11   Q.   Can we just go a little bit into your qualifications and
    12        general experience?  Could you outline your qualifications?
    13        A.  I qualified as a veterinary surgeon in Finland in
    14        1985.  Before that, previously I had already done extensive
    15        public health work.  My dissitation was concerned to
    16        trichinella epidemic in Finland which related to meat
    17        hygiene and -----
    19   Q.   Trichinella?
    20        A.  It is a parasite in pig meat, mainly.
    22   Q.   We do not need to dwell on that.
    23        A.  I also worked at the Public Health Food Laboratory in
    24        Finland during that period of time, before my graduation,
    25        and produced a general guideline for trichinella inspection
    26        for the Finnish abattoirs under the Ministry of
    27        Agriculture.  After that, I went on to work as a Municipal
    28        Veterinary Officer in charge of the Public Health
    29        Laboratory in Environmental Health Office, Environmental
    30        Health office in a medium-sized small town in Finland.
    31        After that I  ------
    33   Q.   That was in 1986, was it?
    34        A.  That was 1986, yes.  After that I obtained further
    35        qualifications in red meat hygiene which in Finland means
    36        fairly substantial studies and three-month practice working
    37        at an abattoir as a meat inspector.  Basically the OVS
    38        training in Finland is much more hands-on than in this
    39        country where it is very theoretical.
    41        After that I worked for seven months as an Official
    42        Veterinary Surgeon at a large EC licensed export abattoir
    43        in Finland.  I further went on to study veterinary tropical
    44        veterinary medicine and did a Masters Degree in Edinburgh
    45        University in 1988.  After that I worked in Botswana.
    46        I worked for 8 months as a teacher and after that, for two
    47        years, as an Official Veterinary Surgeon at a large export
    48        abattoir, EC licensed export abattoir, in Botswana.
    50   Q.   Is there only one EC approved abattoir in Botswana? 
    51        A.  No, there are two.  There are export abattoirs and two 
    52        of them are licensed for EC. 
    54   Q.   There has been some mention about that in this case before.
    55          Thus, you were the OVS?
    56        A.  I was the OVS for one of the two EC licensed export
    57        abattoirs.
    59   Q.   When was this?
    60        A.  This was in 1991/1992.

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