Day 119 - 02 May 95 - Page 03

     1        Met does the Chief Superintendent have a geographical area
     2        or a division or a number of divisions?
     3        A.  Most of them do, yes.
     5   Q.   What about yourself?
     6        A.  I did when I was first promoted to Chief
     7        Superintendent, I had Marylebone division which was the
     8        north side of Oxford Street.
    10   Q.   When you were coming up through the other ranks you would
    11        have a smaller area?
    12        A.  Smaller responsibility.
    14   Q.   How many police officers would there be in a division like
    15        Marylebone?
    16        A.  Marylebone was quite -- I mean, it is a small area but
    17        a very concentrated place; I would have thought 250 really
    18        off the top of my head.
    20   Q.   How many civilian staff, because lots of people think the
    21        police Force is all policemen, but it is not?
    22        A.  No, it is not.
    24   Q.   How many civilian staff, cleaners, typists, others?
    25        A.  I would think a dozen in administration and then
    26        canteen staff, cleaners; perhaps in total 40, maybe, all
    27        told, something like that.
    29   Q.   Do you have overall responsibility for those?
    30        A.  Yes, the Chief Superintendent has overall
    31        responsibility for his division, or it was subdivision in
    32        those days.  It is now referred to as a division.
    34   MR. MORRIS:  You said that you were responsible for franchising
    35        and security at first when you joined McDonald's; is that
    36        correct?
    37        A.  No, no, I was first responsible only for security.
    39   Q.   And that was from 1981?
    40        A.  Yes, from 1st January 1983 until, I am not sure of the
    41        exact date, but towards the end of 1984 when I took,
    42        almost similtaneously, the personnel role and they created
    43        the franchising role I held solely until 1991.
    45   Q.   The Personnel Department, this personnel role that you took
    46        on ---
    47        A.  Yes.
    49   Q.   -- was a newly created role?
    50        A.  No.  I took over from the personnel manager who left 
    51        the organisation. 
    53   Q.   Who was that?
    54        A.  Oh, I forget his name now.  If I think of it I will
    55        mention it.  I cannot remember his name now.
    57   Q.   So what was your position in security?  Was it Head of
    58        Security?
    59        A.  Yes.

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