Day 120 - 03 May 95 - Page 03

     2   Q.   As far as you know, are the conditions for McDonald's
     3        workers any different in other European countries,
     4        fundamentally different, in any respect or are roughly the
     5        conditions of service the same?
     6        A.  I would say roughly they are the same.
     8   Q.   You said that there must be many members of trade unions
     9        amongst your staff, especially in support staff, for
    10        example in construction and marketing; that is what you
    11        said.
    13   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Did you say marketing?
    14        A.  I think I did, I think I did, either marketing or
    15        purchasing, one of the two, and -----
    17   MR. MORRIS:  It is not crucial.
    18        A.  My answer would be, in view of what his Lordship has
    19        just said, I do not know, I imagine there would be.
    21   MR. MORRIS:  That would include, logically, because, as you say,
    22        people come to McDonald's and they are already members of a
    23        union, previously, that would include some crew staff,
    24        would it not?
    25        A.  Again I have to say I do not know.
    27   Q.   But, logically, if they are many -----
    29   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It seems to me what you are really saying is
    30        you do not know but it would not surprise you if
    31        people  ---
    32        A.  It would not surprise me if there were.
    34   Q.   -- came from other jobs or as union members?
    35        A.  That would not surprise me, my Lord.
    37   MR. MORRIS:  Right.  But when you say "support staff", do you
    38        mean people employed by McDonald's in support work for the
    39        stores or do you mean people not employed by McDonald's?
    40        A.  No, I was referring when I gave that answer to people
    41        working for McDonald's in what we call the Support
    42        Departments.
    44   Q.   Right.
    46   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  As opposed to crew in the restaurants?
    47        A.  As opposed to Operations, my Lord.  Operations are
    48        easily the biggest part of our employment force.  They run
    49        the restaurants.  The rest build them, stock them, find
    50        them, service them in one way or another. 
    52   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I understand all that because they may well 
    53        have worked in a confined industry like construction
    54        industry or they may be electricians or whatever.  I only
    55        queried marketing because I could not see how you put
    56        marketing in quite the same box?
    57        A.  No, I do not know.  I mean, I have never asked anyone
    58        if they are a member of a union.
    60   Q.   No, very well.

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