Day 131 - 06 Jun 95 - Page 03

     1   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes, my Lord.  Certainly, it is hoped that by
     2        tonight -- we are going to speak to Jarretts tonight -- we
     3        will have finalised the statement.  The new plans should be
     4        ready by now.  There are two plans: there is a larger one
     5        and what one might call a detailed one.  With the best
     6        endeavours, we should have it in your Lordship's hands
     7        tomorrow.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I would like to consider that specific matter
    10        again when we get to the end of Mr. Purslow's evidence.
    12   MR. RAMPTON:  Certainly.
    14   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I do think she should know as soon
    15        possible ---
    17   MR. RAMPTON:  I agree.
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  -- what the position is.
    21   MR. RAMPTON:  I accept that.  My Lord, Mr. Purslow is here.
    23   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can I just make another comment?  Mr. Morris
    24        and Ms. Steel, I would like you to give a bit of thought to
    25        the outstanding interlocutory application.  What you have
    26        said about Mr. Purslow does not surprise me, Mr. Morris, in
    27        that I thought we might have a day or two at the end of
    28        this week; and, having looked at the scope of Mrs. Mead's
    29        evidence, subject to the question of turnover -- which
    30        I appreciate may take much longer than her statement does,
    31        depending on what the documentation is in relation to
    32        that -- I thought we might have some time in the second
    33        half of next week as well.  Then we embark on Mr. Stein,
    34        who is obviously a substantial witness, or potentially so.
    36        You have a number of interlocutory matters which have been
    37        stored up.  When I say that I do not want to deal with
    38        something like a topic of discovery which has cropped up in
    39        a witness's evidence at that stage, but want to deal with
    40        it later, it might be said that the postponement of it has
    41        to some extent been at my initiative.  But it is,
    42        nevertheless, in my view, then your responsibility to bring
    43        it back at some stage.  I do not know whether you will, on
    44        reflection, pursue an application for discovery of all the
    45        documents which you have raised queries on.   So the ball
    46        is in your court to bring them back.
    48        The same applies to any application for leave to amend
    49        because, until such time as you may get leave, any
    50        allegation which is the subject of a proposed application 
    51        for leave to amend is not in the pleadings.  It may be in 
    52        my mind, but it is not in the pleadings.  I would like you 
    53        to give some thought to whether we can deal with any or all
    54        of the applications which you or Ms. Steel have in mind,
    55        either later this week or later next week.
    57        Since Mr. Stein is coming from abroad, I think it is
    58        important that we start his evidence two weeks today and
    59        continue it through to a finish.  I appreciate that it may
    60        be -- I do not know -- that you would welcome an extra

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