Day 132 - 07 Jun 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Wednesday, 7th June 1995.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  Before the cross-examination continues, we have
     4        managed to lay hands on a copy of the Health and Safety
     5        Commissions Annual Report for 1993/94.  I read it last
     6        night.  I do not know whether it is one of the documents
     7        that Mr. Purslow was referring to.  I have the only copy
     8        that HMSO had.  It is apparently not a best seller.  We
     9        cannot yet lay hands on the Recipe for Safety document that
    10        Mr. Purslow mentioned, but Barlows' library are chasing
    11        that today.
    13        I have made copies of what I can see to be the relevant
    14        pages from this coloured report.  I confess I do not find
    15        them terribly illuminating.  I do not say any more about
    16        them at this stage.  I have the coloured copy here.  It may
    17        be in due course the witness will need the coloured copy if
    18        he is asked about it because some of the charts in colour
    19        do not show up on these black and white.
    21   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let me just have a look at it.  I was going
    22        to suggest that I start by asking Mr. Purslow about the
    23        matter I asked him to look into overnight.  There were a
    24        couple of other matters which occurred to me on looking
    25        again at the HSE report.  So unless Ms. Steel or Mr. Morris
    26        have any objection, I will also ask if he, Mr. Purslow, can
    27        point out in the report what he had in mind if it is
    28        there.  Could you let Mr. Purslow have the actual
    29        original?  (Handed).
    31   MR. MORRIS:  It is quite important so may be we might need some
    32        time to look at it before .....
    34   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let us wait and see.
    36                   MR. CHRISTOPHER PURSLOW, recalled.
    37                         Examined by the Court
    39   MR. JUSTICE BELL (To the witness):  Is that actually the report,
    40        Mr. Purslow, which you had in mind when you gave the
    41        incidence of RIDDOR accidents per 1,000 employees?
    42        A.  Yes, my Lord.  If I may say as well, the document
    43        Recipe for Safety will merely confirm these figures.
    45   Q.   Right, so that is the Health & Safety Commission Annual
    46        Report 1993 to 1994?
    47        A.  Yes.
    49   Q.   Can you find in it the references which you had in mind?
    50        A.  Yes.  It is fairly detailed, my Lord.  It will take a 
    51        second just to find the reference. 
    53   Q.   Sit down for a moment and find what you think you need.
    54        A.  Yes, I have the figures here, my Lord.
    56   Q.   Can you give us the page?
    57        A.  Under page 106, table 1, which is injuries by industry
    58        and severity of injury, 93/94, provisional, and this is as
    59        reported to all enforcement authorities, and if you look at
    60        the list on the left-hand side it says food, drink and

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