Day 144 - 28 Jun 95 - Page 03

     1        designed to inform the crew of this matter?
     2        A.  It also in many stores, if not most stores, is posted
     3        in the lobby so that customers know they should not be
     4        interfering with other customers or with crew.
     6   Q.   Crew members would not be able to encourage other crew
     7        members to join a union in the restaurant, would they?
     8        A.  That is not correct.
    10   Q.   The Crew Handbook in America -- we can go to it if you want
    11        to go to it?
    12        A.  Are you asking me to go to it?
    14   Q.   Otherwise I will read out a section, I do not mind.
    16   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Follow the normal practice; if it is more
    17        than a line, refer Mr. Stein to the document so he can
    18        follow it.
    20   MS. STEEL:  I think it is pink XI.
    22   MR. MORRIS:  It is the one that is tab 6 of something.
    24   THE WITNESS:  I have it.
    26   MS. STEEL:   Turn to tab 6.
    27        A.  I am there.
    29   Q.   Turn to page 319.
    30        A.  Yes, I have it.
    32   Q.   Under "soliciting", the second paragraph:  "Solicitation by
    33        employees for funds, membership, individual commitment to
    34        outside organisations", which would obviously include
    35        unions, would it not?
    36        A.  Yes, or insurance salesmen or whatever.
    38   Q.   Have you had a severe problem with insurance salesmen
    39        coming into your stores?
    40        A.  My understanding is that this rule first came into
    41        effect because of a variety of people coming into the store
    42         -- not union people, other people -- coming into the store
    43        and interfering with customers and employees.  It was not
    44        put in for union purposes.
    46   Q.   I will start again:  "Solicitation by employees for funds,
    47        membership, individual commitment to outside organisation
    48        or causes is also prohibited on restaurant premises during
    49        such employees' working time or even when not on working
    50        time if such solicitation takes place in an area of the 
    51        restaurant frequented by customers or otherwise interferes 
    52        with work being performed by other employees"? 
    53        A.  OK.  I could have read that myself, but OK.
    55   Q.   Then the final paragraph of that section?
    56        A.  Do you wish me to read it?
    58   Q.   "Employees who have finished work are requested to leave
    59        the premises as soon as possible.  Off duty employees are
    60        not permitted to distribute literature, to solicit or

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