Day 145 - 29 Jun 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Thursday, 29th June 1995.
     3            (See separate transcript for hearing in chambers)
     5                     (Proceedings in open court)
     7                 MR. STANLEY RICHARD STEIN, recalled.
     8            Cross-Examined by the Defendants, Continued.
    10   MS. STEEL:   Mr. Stein, you said I think on the first day of
    11        your evidence that safety was another department to yours.
    12        Does McDonald's have a Health and Safety Officer in the
    13        United States?
    14        A.  We have someone who is responsible for the insurance
    15        area and, in general, the Operations people maintain
    16        responsibility for that area as well.
    18   Q.   So there is no-one with a specific title of Head of Health
    19        and Safety ---
    20        A.  No, there is not.
    22   Q.   -- with a specific responsibility solely for that area?
    23        A.  I think it would be a shared kind of thing between the
    24        Insurance Department, outside experts, and the Operations
    25        people.
    27   Q.   In the USA crew are encouraged to run whilst they are
    28        serving customers and preparing food, are they not?
    29        A.  No, they are not encouraged to run.
    31   Q.   Management are trained to encourage crew to run?
    32        A.  That is incorrect.
    34   Q.   Has that changed recently then?
    35        A.  No, it has not.
    37   Q.   So what is the reason you say they are not encouraged to
    38        run?
    39        A.  Because we expect them to move safely with dispatch and
    40        quickly, not in slow motion, but we certainly do not want
    41        them running.
    43   Q.   Because it would be unsafe?
    44        A.  I think it is obvious that you just do not want people
    45        running in a place of business.
    47   Q.   Right, but why is that?
    48        A.  Because you respect the fact that it is not the kind of
    49        thing you would do.
    51   Q.   Why, though? 
    52        A.  I have never thought of it from the way you are asking 
    53        it.  It is not something we ask our people to do.  It is
    54        not the kind of thing we want in our restaurants.  That is
    55         -- we do not need people to run.
    57   Q.   What is wrong with running in the kitchen and behind the
    58        counter?
    60   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  There is a difficulty about this because it

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