Day 150 - 07 Jul 95 - Page 03

     2   Q.   Very briefly, we may come back to this, can you just sketch
     3        out what your job at present involves?
     4        A.  Primarily, I am in charge of Operations in the Midlands
     5        region, and so I head that team looking after the Company
     6        restaurants, but I also have responsibility for the
     7        franchised restaurants through our franchised support
     8        teams, so it is primarily restaurant responsibilities.
    10   Q.   Is that a day by day on the ground job or is that very much
    11        an office job?
    12        A.  No, I would say primarily it is field based.  I have
    13        been field based since I joined the Company.
    15   Q.   When you say "field based", what do you mean by that?
    16        A.  I would say, well, no one week is typical, but I guess
    17        of a five-day week I would spend maybe two days now in the
    18        office and the remaining three visiting restaurants with
    19        the people that work for me.
    21   Q.   So two days in the office and then three out and about?
    22        A.  That is about it, yes.
    24   Q.   We may come back more on what you do now a little later,
    25        but can I ask you when you had your first contact with
    26        McDonald's?
    27        A.  That was really after I left university in 1983.  I was
    28        going to take up a postgraduate work.
    30   Q.   What was that going to be in?
    31        A.  We were doing some air photography work for the local
    32        Staffordshire County Council over Cannock Chase.
    34   Q.   So that was nothing to do with retail?
    35        A.  No, not at all.
    37   Q.   Then you left university; you were thinking of doing
    38        postgraduate work, but obviously you did not end up doing
    39        that?
    40        A.  No.
    42   Q.   Were you always intending to work at McDonald's to make it
    43        your career?
    44        A.  When I -- basically, when I intended to do this
    45        postgraduate course the grant fell through, so I intended
    46        then to go teacher training.  I was really too late to
    47        apply for that year's intake, so I decided to obviously
    48        work during that intervening year ready for the next intake
    49        which, I think, was 1994.  So I went down to the Job Centre
    50        and applied to join McDonald's where I started as an hourly 
    51        paid employee. 
    53   Q.   When you say that, you were a crew member?
    54        A.  That is right, yes.  I joined as an hourly paid member
    55        of staff.
    57   Q.   Do you remember the month in 1983 when you joined?
    58        A.  I think it was September; it would have been just at
    59        the end of the year.

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