Day 151 - 10 Jul 95 - Page 03

     2   MR. ATKINSON:  There is no objection.  It is just that we would
     3        need clarification if it was going to be moved, because it
     4        will obviously affect witnesses and whatever for that week.
     6   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  What I will say at the moment is -- I think
     7        all I said on the previous occasion when I spoke about it,
     8        I said earlier in the week beginning Monday, whatever the
     9        date was.  So what I think we should all aim at is starting
    10        the argument on the Tuesday, subject to any witness
    11        situation.  My recollection is that I did not specifically
    12        say on Monday; I just said early in that week.  What Mr.
    13        Morris is asking is, can we make it Tuesday rather than
    14        Monday.
    16   MR. ATKINSON:  What I am being asked to ask you is: do we have a
    17        witness on the Friday before and the Monday?
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  I am not contemplating gaps unless they
    20        arrive just because we finish a witness early one day.
    22   MR. ATKINSON:  That is what we wanted to know.  Thank you,
    23        my Lord.
    25   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I think experience has taught all of us that
    26        hard and fast rules on scheduling are a bit optimistic, but
    27        that is what we are aiming at.
    29        (To the witness)  None of that concerns you, Mr. Stanton.
    30        Your cross-examination will now continue.
    32        Are you going to start, Mr. Morris?
    34   MR. MORRIS:  I think so.
    36        (To the witness)  You said something about that you are
    37        still in touch with the grass roots, if you like, as
    38        regards conditions in stores?
    39        A.  I would like to think I am, sure.
    41   Q.   Well, are you or not?
    42        A.  I would like to think I am, certainly.
    44   Q.   You said at one point in your evidence-in-chief that the
    45        higher up, the more in touch you get?
    46        A.  I think I said the more you need to be in touch, the
    47        higher up you get.
    49   Q.   Basically, that is a load of rubbish, is it not,
    50        Mr. Stanton? 
    51        A.  In what respect, sorry? 
    53   Q.   Well, the point is that once you are out of the stores you
    54        lose touch with what is going on, do you not?
    55        A.  Not at all.  I think the higher you go up in the
    56        operations hierarchy, the more you need to be in touch and
    57        the more, in fact, you are working in the restaurants.
    59   Q.   So, conversely then, the level that is most out of touch
    60        will be the manager?

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