Day 152 - 11 Jul 95 - Page 03

     1   Q.   But from 35 upwards?
     2        A.  I guess four hours, certainly.
     4   Q.   In terms of part-time I think we heard that on average
     5        part-time crew worked something like 20 to 22 hours a week
     6        over a range?
     7        A.  Right, I mean -----
     9   Q.   Some would be much less than that?
    10        A.  Again, from my experience, I have had part-timers work
    11        eight hours only being available for a Saturday and people
    12        available, housewives 10.00 till 2.00, five days a week.
    13        So that would give them 20.  So I would say I guess
    14        depending upon the ratio.
    16   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  One thing I would like some help on.
    17        We have spoken about full-time, that is, 39 hours and you
    18        have just agreed with Ms. Steel maybe 35.  I have had some
    19        figures about an average for part-time workers in the 20
    20        area and I have heard evidence about individuals who might
    21        just work a handful of hours a week?
    22        A.  Right.
    24   Q.   But does it fall into neat little boxes like that, or do
    25        you get numbers of people who are working 25 hours a week
    26        or 30 hours a week because it suits them and the store, or
    27        do people tend to fall into these categories of full-time
    28        about 20 or just a handful of hours?
    29        A.  I would say in the majority of cases you could put them
    30        in that sort of category of full-time; 39 and 20 hours per
    31        week would categorise a part-timer, in the majority of
    32        cases.
    34   Q.   So, although there may be a few special cases who do, say,
    35        28 or 30, that would be unusual, would it?
    36        A.  Relatively.  We would probably find it more usual to
    37        have people working less than the 20.
    39   MS. STEEL:   Do you know what it would average out at for
    40        part-time workers at the Leicester store?
    41        A.  No.
    43   Q.   You do not.  You would expect it to be somewhere between --
    44        I think you said there were some people working at eight
    45        and some -- most around 20, or somewhere like that?
    46        A.  I can recollect people who only work Saturday to give
    47        them eight hours, and I can recollect some individuals who
    48        probably work 10.00 to 2.00 five days a week.  But the
    49        percentage thereof I would not be able to give you any
    50        sorts of figures. 
    52   Q.   Do you know what the majority of part-timers would be, what 
    53        kind of hours the majority would be working?
    54        A.  No.
    56   Q.   You do not.  At any one week if you have got 100 people on
    57        the payroll?
    58        A.  Right.
    60   Q.   You said 30 per cent full-time and 70 per cent part-time?

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