Day 169 - 04 Oct 95 - Page 02

     1                                 Wednesday, 4th October 1995.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, Mr. Richards is still here and before his
     4        cross-examination continues, can I give your Lordship an
     5        update on the position with regard to the incident report
     6        forms?  We still cannot find any report forms from 1994
     7        which your Lordship ordered or indicated we should
     8        disclose.  We will go on looking for those.  Mr. Richards
     9        will have another look at the store when he gets back.  As
    10        your Lordship says he should not talk to anybody there
    11        while he is giving evidence, so he will not do that.
    13        What we have done in the meantime is to find the only two
    14        forms that we know of that exist from Bath from 1993 when,
    15        of course, Mr. Logan was still there.  One of them, it
    16        appears, at least, was actually filled in by Mr. Richards,
    17        so it may be that we can actually give some direct evidence
    18        about that incident.  May I, therefore, hand those out?
    19        (Handed).
    21   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Let us just read these through now.
    23   MS. STEEL:   Can I just raise something which I
    24        actually intended to raise yesterday which I thought I
    25        remember from when we saw the previous incident report
    26        forms, but from seeing these ones?  Yesterday I think it
    27        was said that they were looking for them at Sutton
    28        Coldfield.
    30   MR. RAMPTON:  That is right.
    32   MS. STEEL:   At the top of this it does say that the white copy
    33        goes to East Finchley Insurance, in the top right-hand
    34        corner, the pink goes to Security Personnel, yellow to
    35        Senior Supervisor and green to store file.  So there are
    36        four copies in existence and certainly I would have thought
    37        that the copy kept for insurance purposes would be kept for
    38        longer than three years, if not forever, but certainly for
    39        longer than three years.  Since 1994 is only last year,
    40        they should still be available at Head Office.
    42   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, my instructions are that all those
    43        sources have been tapped.  It does not mean that the 1994
    44        forms will not in due course be found somewhere.  Perhaps
    45        there is another copy at Bath and perhaps we will find one
    46        at East Finchley or in Sutton Coldfield, I do not know.
    47        But in the time available all those sources have been
    48        tapped and so far we have come up with nothing.  We can
    49        read too.
    51   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I will wait and see what comes of it.  We 
    52        have got to come back to discovery with regard to Bath 
    53        generally in any event.  If you want to ask Mr. Richards
    54        about anything on those forms, by all means do so this
    55        morning.  For the time being -- perhaps someone can
    56        remember -- I will put them behind Mr. Richards' statement
    57        in my yellow XA bundle.
    59   MR. RAMPTON:  I would only ask him one thing, could the witness
    60        have that?

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