Day 179 - 30 Oct 95 - Page 03

     1        it.  Then, when he has read it, he will probably ask you if
     2        that is true.
     4   MR. MORRIS:  I wonder if the stenographers have a copy of the
     5        statement?
     7   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  (To the witness): Have you got a copy of your
     8        statement there?
     9        A.  I have.
    11   MR. MORRIS (To the witness):  "I worked at the Colchester High
    12        Street store between June 1984 and November 1987 and at the
    13        Milton Keynes store between November 1987 and
    14        December 1987.  I started as a 16 year old school leaver,
    15        working my way through the crew member positions, and at
    16        the age of 18 became a Floor Manager.  Usually, a Floor
    17        Manager just runs an area of the store, for example, the
    18        kitchen.  I, however, was a shift running Floor Manager,
    19        which means I was often the Manager responsible for the
    20        whole store regularly with no other managers present.
    21        Because I was under 21, I was unable to progress into
    22        salaried management, but my duties were just the same as a
    23        Second Assistant Manager.  I was trained to do things like
    24        the crew scheduling and the weekly paperwork which were
    25        meant to be done by salaried managers only.
    27        "Because of my willingness and ability, I was promoted to
    28        the salaried management training programme on my twentieth
    29        birthday, a year earlier than is normal.  This is not
    30        unheard of for someone who has worked from the age of 16,
    31        but at the same time it was considered quite an honour,
    32        which is an indication that I was well thought of by my
    33        superiors.
    35        "A condition of my being promoted to salaried management
    36        was that I was transferred to the Milton Keynes store in
    37        late November 1987.  I was so badly treated there that
    38        I left the Company without giving any notice on
    39        December 1987."
    41        Is that all correct so far ---
    42        A.  That is correct.
    44   Q.   -- from your experiences?
    45        A.  Yes.
    47   Q.   "In this statement I will write about the following
    48        subjects:  (1) operational targets; (2) corrective
    49        actively; (3) scheduling staff hours; (4) under 18 year old
    50        males working past midnight; (5) working with sewage 
    51        underfoot; (6) overtime payments; (7) burns; (8) all night 
    52        closes. 
    54        "1)  At McDonald's everything has a target, whether it be
    55        the amount of milkshakes sold per gallon of shake mix used
    56        or the amount of Cola drinks sold per litre of Cola syrup
    57        used, the amount of burgers sold per box of burgers used,
    58        the number of portions of chips sold per kilo used, the
    59        monetary amount of cleaning materials used as a percentage
    60        of takings, the monetary amount used spent on crew wages as

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