Day 189 - 20 Nov 95 - Page 03

     1        A.  I actually did not leave McDonald's.  I was not given
     2        my job back.  But after that, I worked in a restaurant
     3        called the Swiss Chalet restaurant; and I started there as
     4        head cashier.  I worked there for a number of years, five
     5        or six years, and I was promoted up to restaurant manager.
     6        I had total responsibility for the running of the
     7        restaurant -- a staff of 60 and a seating capacity of 250;
     8        and I worked there until around, I think, '84, '85.
    10   Q.   Right.  Then, after that, did you work at the
    11        Gresham Hotel?
    12        A.  Yes, I did.  I had my daughter in 1986, so I took some
    13        time off, but I went back to work in the Gresham in 1987 as
    14        a part-time restaurant receptionist; and I went part-time,
    15        because I had started studying for my Bachelor of Arts in
    16        Industrial Relations, so working full-time.
    18   Q.   So you started at college around that time?
    19        A.  I started in college in 1986.
    21   Q.   What was the result of your studies?
    22        A.  I completed a five year evening course in
    23        Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, with a -----
    25   Q.   Personnel Management?
    26        A.  Personnel Management, with an Honours degree.
    28   Q.   Did you then move to Wexford?
    29        A.  Yes.
    31   Q.   Are you studying for a Masters degree now?
    32        A.  When I moved to Wexford, my career took a change of
    33        direction.  I am involved in freelance training and
    34        lecturing, and I am also completing my studies in
    35        Industrial Relations, a Masters degree with the Keel
    36        University Staffordshire, which hopefully will be finished
    37        this year.
    39   Q.   Going back to McDonald's, you say you started at the very,
    40        very beginning, before they opened?
    41        A.  Yes.
    43   Q.   You said in your statement that the strikes started at
    44        O'Connell Street.  That is not in dispute -----
    46   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Are you going to put Mrs. Casey's statement
    47        to her?
    49   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.  It may be seen that the statement is actually
    50        very brief, but rather than continuously referring to what 
    51        Mr. Mehigan said and to go through it that way, I was just 
    52        going to chronologically go through the strike and let the 
    53        witness speak and tell the court what happened.
    55   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Why do you not put any matters which she
    56        disputes with Mr. Mehigan in Mr. Mehigan's evidence?
    58   MR. MORRIS:  That would mean me going through all the
    59        transcripts.

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