Day 192 - 27 Nov 95 - Page 03

     2        It looks as though that is a report from what his friends
     3        have told him.
     5   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It might be either, might it not?  It is a
     6        question of weight, in any event.
     8   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes, I agree.
    10   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I suggest that they are both read in full,
    11        and we pick up any pieces later.
    13        So you want to read Shawn Darby first, do you?
    15   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.  It is the Civil Evidence Act statement of
    16        Shawn Darby, written and signed on 23rd August 1994.
    18        "To whom it may concern" -- sorry, Shawn Darby of
    19        Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
    21        "This letter is to show that I Shawn Darby agree fully with
    22        all of the allegations that Sarah Inglis has proposed
    23        against McDonald's.  I was a member of the organising
    24        committee for the union, therefore I am aware of all the
    25        hostility McDonald's displayed towards the union.
    27        "If any further information is needed from me, please
    28        contact me at the above address and I will be happy to
    29        oblige.  Sincerely, Shawn Darby."
    31        Although he does not say so, I believe that he was employed
    32        at that store at the time.  Well, he was employed at the
    33        store at that time.
    35        If I can read another statement, this time from
    36        Joel C. Henderson, a Civil Evidence Act notice statement,
    37        also from Canada, dated 25th August, 1994.
    39        "To whom it may concern, my name is Joel Henderson and
    40        I was an active participant in the attempt to unionise
    41        Orangeville McDonald's in this past year.  A union was
    42        desperately needed in the restaurant and along with
    43        Sarah Inglis and other union supporters we made a valiant
    44        statement to make Orangeville McDonald's a better place to
    45        work for everyone.
    47        "Management at the store use close to, if not illegal
    48        procedures and tactics in running the restaurant.
    49        Employees were coerced and intimidated during our drive for
    50        the union.  Very questionable tactics were used, such as 
    51        threats of firing if you voted for the union or that life 
    52        was going to be rough if you voted yes.  Several good 
    53        friends of mine were intimidated in such a manner as
    54        mentioned above.  I have recently suffered repercussions
    55        for my vocal union support.
    57        "I've been wrongly accused of stealing with only two weeks
    58        left at McDonald's due to the fact that I am attending a
    59        post secondary institution.  Rob Pinkney told me that over
    60        $40 was missing from my till, although other people had

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