Day 196 - 06 Dec 95 - Page 03

     1        which he would hope to call a witness in due course.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  Yes.  I am sure there will be a legal argument
     4        about that because, obviously, we have called quite a lot
     5        of our witnesses from Colchester already.
     7   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I accept there may be argument about the
     8        calling of those witnesses, but all I am saying is to take
     9        Mr. Coton in-chief through what you understand they may
    10        say, because Mr. Rampton is under an obligation to do that
    11        that anyway, if he wants to rely on anything which those
    12        witnesses may say if there is leave to call them.  What
    13        I suggest you do is call Mr. Coton into the witness box and
    14        we will see how we go with his evidence.
    16                       Mr. Raymond Coton, Sworn.
    17                       Examined by the Defendants.
    19   MR. MORRIS:  What is your full name?
    20        A.  Raymond Coton.
    22   Q.   You live in Colchester?
    23        A.  That is correct.
    25   Q.   You worked for McDonald's for seven years?
    26        A.  Yes.
    28   Q.   What age are you now?
    29        A.  40.  I will be 41 in March.
    31   Q.   What was the first job you did after leaving education?
    32        A.  I joined the Army for six years.
    34   Q.   In the Army.  What other jobs did you do before you started
    35        working at McDonald's?
    36        A.  Mainly security work, a short time in the police and
    37        I worked in an industrial company manufacturing air
    38        conditioning units prior to joining McDonald's.
    40   Q.   You were a bus conductor as well?
    41        A.  And a bus conductor, sorry, yes.
    43   Q.   Since you left McDonald's -- I believe that was in August
    44        1991, was it?
    45        A.  That is correct.
    47   Q.   What posts have you taken up since?
    48        A.  I am a Savings Investment Adviser with a bank.
    50   Q.   Which bank? 
    51        A.  The TSB. 
    53   Q.   Can you explain the circumstances of your leaving
    54        McDonald's?  When did you start wishing to leave
    55        McDonald's?
    56        A.  About a year prior to me leaving I was finding pressure
    57        of work, the job itself getting very hard to do, pressure
    58        from above, those types of things.  My wife wanted me to
    59        leave because of the hour we were working and I started to
    60        look for other employment.  When the job I am in now was

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