Day 197 - 07 Dec 95 - Page 03

       1      A.  Obviously, it puts more pressure on you, less time out
       2      of work, more time in work, but it was just the way it
       3      was. I mean, you had to work those hours; you did not
       4      actually get a choice.  You were not sort of asked:  "Do
       5      you want to do that extra day?"  You would be scheduled to
       6      do it.
       8 Q.   Your first review is on page 14 -- this is under the Mark
       9      Davis management, yes?
      10      A.  This would be my first review as a salaried
      11      management.  I was a Second Assistant at the time.
      13 Q.   Under "Awareness", it says:  "Andy Taylor" -- what was he
      14      then, Supervisor or Senior Supervisor ----
      15      A.  He was Senior Supervisor at that time, I believe.
      17 Q.    -- "cleanliness report showed a lot of deficiencies that
      18      we knew about, but failed to react to soon enough.  This
      19      must cease to be the case".  Does that strike you as
      20      accurate for that time?
      21      A.  What would actually happen is if we got a visit from
      22      someone such as Andy Taylor, they would actually go round,
      23      inspect the store, look at different aspects.  What it
      24      would relate to would be he would go round and do a
      25      cleanliness report and pick up certain items on that
      26      report, we have to action it.  I should imagine it means
      27      that it was either bad cleanliness report or failed to
      28      react to the things we were told to do, that he came back
      29      and they still were not done, I should imagine.
      31 Q.   Under "Self-motivation" it says:  "Being a married man, it
      32      is your duty to spend as much time at home as possible",
      33      then it says:  "If the store is running to its full
      34      potential, then there is no reason why two days off a week
      35      should not become the norm".  What was he saying there?
      36      A.  Basically, the better store we did then we would get
      37      two days off a week.  So, it was like dangling a carrot,
      38      that if the store is doing well, if we are getting good
      39      grades, if everything is going well, then you will get
      40      that extra day off as opposed to working the six.
      42 Q.   Under "Motivation of others" at the bottom, what is he
      43      saying here:   "You have lost your soft image but do not
      44      go all the other way.  The people who were abusing your
      45      kind nature have left"?
      46      A.  When I first started at the Company, as I say, in the
      47      position I was in as security co-ordinator, I did not
      48      actually have any running of shifts or anything like
      49      that.  I tended to spend a lot of time with the crew
      50      members.  Basically, I was hourly paid, so I sort was
      51      halfway between management and crew.
      53      I am quite easy going by nature anyway, but I was very
      54      friendly with a lot of the people there.  When I went from
      55      Second Assistant, because I was very friendly with them,
      56      it was quite awkward, I suppose, for me to control them.
      57      I let them get away with things possibly.  Where it goes
      58      on to about "the people have actually now left", that
      59      actually relates to the comment on the McDonald's Freedom
      60      Fighters, to particularly that group of people that,

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