Day 199 - 11 Dec 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Monday, 11th December 1995.
     3   MR. MORRIS:  Would you like me to explain what happened with our
     4        witness that had been scheduled?
     6   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I gather the witness you were going to call
     7        today has had an accident but you have managed to get
     8        Mr. Cranna here?
    10   MR. MORRIS:  That is correct.
    12                      MR. ANDREW CRANNA, sworn.
    13                     Examined by the Defendants.
    15   MS. STEEL:  Could you give your full name to the court and your
    16        present occupation, please?
    17        A.  Andrew Lawrence Cranna, and I am currently a Temp
    18        Controller, Temporary Controller, for an employment agency
    19        in Ealing.
    21   Q.   You joined McDonald's as a Trainee Manager when you were
    22        28.  Could you just tell us what you have done between
    23        leaving school and joining McDonald's?
    24        A.  By the time I was 28 I had done numerous jobs.  I was a
    25        Trainee Manager for Brentford Nylons working up to
    26        Assistant Manager at their branch in Stockton.  That was
    27        just before the receivership was called in in the good old
    28        days.
    30        After that, I went to a company called Prestos as a
    31        non-food Manager.  Basically, I was in charge of all the
    32        non-food items within the store and the running of a small
    33        department there.  Other jobs I have done include -- I was
    34        a representative for Cadbury's Chocolates for a while and
    35        even relief management for Tetley Walkers Breweries in the
    36        West Country.
    38   Q.   So you were an experienced Manager before you joined
    39        McDonald's?
    40        A.  I had had previous management experience, yes.
    42   Q.   Since you left McDonald's where have you worked?
    43        A.  After leaving McDonald's, I went to work for my other
    44        company I am currently with, Olympic Staff, as a temporary
    45        controller.  I was there for a period of seven years and at
    46        that time I worked my way up to Branch Manager.
    47        Unfortunately, it is an independent agency, independent
    48        agency, it is not part of a large group, and the owner of
    49        company was making no plans to expand.  I was getting itchy
    50        feet, if you like and the grass was always greener, and 
    51        I spent two years as a self-employed salesman.  The first 
    52        year of that went very well. 
    54        The second year was a disaster.  With a wife, three
    55        children and mortgage I started looking around for more
    56        secure employment and I met up with my former employer,
    57        George Campbell, and he said that there was a vacancy back
    58        at Olympic Staff for me if I wished to go back, and that is
    59        where I am now.

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