Day 199 - 11 Dec 95 - Page 03

     1   Q.   Thank you.  You have made a statement for this case.  If we
     2        could turn to that statement?
     4   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  If you could get the volume with the pale
     5        blue spine on the very top and a "2" on it against the
     6        green background, please, Mr. Cranna, and turn to divider
     7        20.
     9   MS. STEEL:   Is that your statement there, yes?
    10        A.  Yes.  It certainly looks like it.
    12   Q.   If I read through it and if you could verify it at the end,
    13        and if there is anything which you want to correct or
    14        anything like that, then say so at the time or clarify?
    15        A.  I think I already corrected it before I sent it back.
    17   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It is not an invitation to correct anything,
    18        it is just if going through it you realise that you think
    19        something may be wrong or need modification.  Yes?
    21   MS. STEEL:  "I worked at the West Ealing McDonald's store
    22        between June/July 1984 and June/July 1985.  I joined as a
    23        Trainee Manager at the age of 28 (going on 29).  I was a
    24        Second Assistant Manager at that store."   When did you
    25        become Second Assistant Manager?
    26        A.  I think it was after about six, seven months.  The
    27        first six months were spent training and then you had to do
    28        your exams.  If you passed your exams, you then went on to
    29        become a Second Assistant.
    31   Q.   "After leaving in June/July 1985, I went to work
    32        for Olympic Staff.
    34        There was a vast difference between what I was told on
    35        McDonald's training courses about how to treat people (i.e.
    36        what I was told at 'Hamburger University') and what
    37        actually happened on the floor in the store.
    39        At 'Hamburger University' I was taught all the correct
    40        procedures.  Everything was very much above board and
    41        Trainee Managers were trained in the art of employee
    42        management as a two way relationship.  For example, I was
    43        taught about motivation and psychology, how to get the best
    44        out of the staff and the importance of treating them well.
    45        Once I got to the store I was amazed by how different it
    46        all was.  In actual practice it was not a two way
    47        relationship at all.  It was all very much 'just do as
    48        I say'."  Can you just say why the theory not put into
    49        practice?  Why was the difference?
    50        A.  I think, basically, a lot of time in the actual store 
    51        we were under an awful lot of pressure.  If somebody is 
    52        doing something wrong, for example, not following the 
    53        correct procedures, it is very hard in that type of
    54        environment if you have to get the hamburgers out, the
    55        people served etc., to take them away, to correct their
    56        mistakes in private, tell them what they are doing wrong in
    57        private.  What often happened was they would just get
    58        shouted at, so  .....
    60   Q.   Was that just you or was that other management as well?

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