Day 200 - 12 Dec 95 - Page 02

     1                                      Tuesday, 12th December 1995.
     3   MS. STEEL:  We will call our witness.
     5                      MISS VIKKI WATKINS, sworn
     6                     Examined by the Defendants
     8   MS. STEEL:  Could you give your full name to the court, please?
     9        A.  Vikki Watkins.
    11   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can you keep your voice up, please,
    12        Miss Watkins, otherwise it gets lost.  The microphone does
    13        not help you so speak out loud and clear, please.
    15   MS. STEEL:  I think the easiest thing is if we get your
    16        statement.
    18   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It is in pale blue 1B on the very top.
    20   MS. STEEL:   If I read your statement to the court and then if
    21        you have anything you want to clarify or comment on, then
    22        you can say so.  You can confirm whether or not you want it
    23        to be taken as your evidence, then we will show the video:
    25        "On 10th September 1995, I, Vikki Watkins, inspected and
    26        filmed conditions at one of Sun Valley Poultry Limited,
    27        Private Broiler Chicken Growers Sites at", I cannot
    28        pronounce this, "Cefn Mawr Bungalow, Monkswood, near Usk,
    29        Gwent.
    31        Upon entering one of the chicken sheds, I found that many
    32        of the birds had been left to suffer in the most
    33        distressing conditions.  I found that many of the birds
    34        were suffering with grotesque hip and leg deformities, some
    35        so crippled that they were unable to stand.  Some birds
    36        were dying, unable to drag themselves to the feed and water
    37        points.
    39        This putrid smelling, windowless shed contained many
    40        thousands of birds.  They were between three to four weeks
    41        old".  Can you just describe the atmosphere of the air when
    42        you talk about putrid smelling?
    43        A.  It almost took my breath away.  The fumes were so bad
    44        it almost took my breath away.
    46   Q.   What was the temperature in the shed?
    47        A.  It was very, very hot.  It was unbearably hot; it also
    48        seemed very moist.
    50   Q.   Humid? 
    51        A.  Yes. 
    53   Q.   Can I just ask, did you walk around the shed or were you up
    54        one end or what?
    55        A.  No, I went into the shed and I stayed virtually in the
    56        same position.
    58   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am sorry, it is very difficult to hear.  It
    59        is accentuated if you are talking to Ms. Steel because you
    60        are turned away.  So ask that last question again and then

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