Day 200 - 12 Dec 95 - Page 03

     1        answer again loud and clear.  Do not hurry what you have to
     2        say.  It is important I hear every word.
     4   MS. STEEL:  When you went into the shed did you walk around or
     5        stay in the same place?
     6        A.  No, I stayed in the same place.  I did not walk round
     7        because I did not want to unsettle the birds.
     9   Q.   Did you move at all or was it fixed to the same spot?
    10        A.  I moved to the right just to film some birds in the
    11        right-hand corner, but I did not move around.  I moved to
    12        my right.
    14   Q.   You did not walk down to the other end of the shed or
    15        anything?
    16        A.  No.
    18   Q.   "I immediately telephoned and reported these pitiful cases
    19        of neglect and cruelty and made an official complaint to
    20        the Ministry of Agriculture.  A Ministry of Agriculture vet
    21        (Mr. Montague) inspected the farm the same afternoon,
    22        within an hour of receiving my complaint.
    24        I telephoned the Animal Health Department on 11th September
    25        to find out what was happening with my complaint, and spoke
    26        to Mr. Montague.  He told me that he had inspected the
    27        broiler sheds and had made his report.  I also telephoned
    28        the Senior Animal Health Inspector, Mrs. Williams.  She
    29        told me that Mr. Montague's report had been submitted and
    30        it was unlikely that they would be prosecuted".
    32        Before we show the video, can I just ask, do you have any
    33        experience working with animals?
    34        A.  Yes, I do.
    36   Q.   Could you just say what that experience is?
    37        A.  I worked for six years as Senior Kennel Maid at the
    38        RSPCA.
    40   Q.   What animals were you looking after there?
    41        A.  Any animals that were brought in -- dogs, cats, farm
    42        animals, horses, goats, chickens.
    44   Q.   So you do have some experience of what chickens are like?
    45        A.  Yes, I do.
    47   Q.   This was not your first sight of chickens?
    48        A.  No.
    50   Q.   That is what I was trying to say.  OK.  If we can show the 
    51        video?  Is it appropriate if the witness operates the video 
    52        and then pause at various points and point out the relevant 
    53        parts and say what she wants to say about the video?
    55   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Do we have a remote control so that can be
    56        done?  If so, how far away does it operate from?
    58   MS. STEEL:   There is a remote control which we were using this
    59        morning. I do not mind where the witness stands.

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