Day 203 - 12 Jan 96 - Page 03

     1        statement, please?  What I am going to suggest now is based
     2        on your computerised career record, which we have all got.
     3        In the first paragraph, it says in the second sentence that
     4        you became a full-time Floor Manager at Ipswich in
     5        November 1986.  Will you take it from me that that is a
     6        mistake, that it is 1985?
     7        A.  I think that the correct information is that I joined
     8        the Company as a part-time crew member in November 1985.
     9        However, I did become a Floor Manager in 1986.
    11   Q.   I hate to contradict you, but your career record says
    12        something different.
    13        A.  OK, fine.
    15   Q.   It may not matter very much.  It says ------
    17   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I will just put "query 1985".
    19   MR. RAMPTON:  It is really not important.  At the end of the
    20        chronology given on this first page, in the first
    21        paragraph, it says:  "1994 to date, Operations Development
    22        Manager".  That is still the case, is it?
    23        A.  Yes.
    25   Q.   What is an Operations Development Manager?
    26        A.  It is a corporate operations role.  I am responsible
    27        for new product development, new equipment development and
    28        operations and support material, but purely operations
    29        support material.
    31   Q.   Where are you based, Mr. Skehel?
    32        A.  East Finchley.
    34   Q.   Just one other thing -- because I am very bad at
    35        arithmetic.  You see it says "February 1991 Supervisor",
    36        four up from the bottom of that column?
    37        A.  Indeed.
    39   Q.   I think the date was 4th February?
    40        A.  4th, yes.
    42   Q.   You became Supervisor of some restaurant in the
    43        East Anglia, the Essex region, including Colchester High
    44        Street?
    45        A.  Yes.
    47   Q.   Can I ask you how old you were when you became a
    48        Supervisor?
    49        A.  Your arithmetic is as bad as mine.  So it is February
    50        1991, we are talking approximately five years ago; I would 
    51        have been 27. 
    53   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Mr. Rampton, I wonder if you could help me?
    54        It will be convenient for me to insert the numbers of the
    55        stores in Mr. Skehel's statement, so that I have them
    56        there.  I know we have had them on a number of occasions
    57        from the performance reviews.  Could we just take a minute
    58        or two, so I can write them in?
    60   MR. RAMPTON:  Where would your Lordship like to start, with the

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