Day 213 - 31 01 96 - Page 3


                                                                  DAY 213
                                            PAUL LEMAIRE, Cross-examined:
     1        full-time at McDonald's.
     3   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  But only until you became a Floor Manager?
     4        A.  That is correct.
     6   MR. MORRIS:  When did you become a Floor Manager?
     7        A.  October 7th, 1993.
     9   Q.   So, 35 to 40 hours would be the normal time that a
    10        full-timer would work?
    11        A.  That is what I worked, yes.
    13   Q.   After becoming a Floor Manager, what hours were you
    14        working?
    15        A.  40 to 50, just staying on at the end of the shift to
    16        help out and clear up; so up to about 50 hours a week.
    18   Q.   You had to stay on after the end of your scheduled shift,
    19        did you?
    20        A.  I did not have to stay on.  I had to do bits and
    21        pieces.  I had not finished my job that I was doing in the
    22        day, so I wanted to continue it myself after I had finished
    23        my scheduled shift.
    25   Q.   So you did not manage to finish your job regularly?
    26        A.  Not regularly.
    28   Q.   Every day, every week?
    29        A.  I stayed on to help out there.  If I needed to do some
    30        of my own work again, I could not do that in my time.  Say
    31        I was scheduled a certain shift, I was doing my work then,
    32        and after I finished that job I would do my own stuff.
    34   Q.   It would be fair to say that your work did not fit into
    35        the -- you had too much work to do in the time allotted to
    36        you, the normal 30 to 40 hours, so you had to stay behind
    37        and work on it?
    38        A.  No.
    40   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Is the picture that you would be doing your
    41        bit on the floor during your shift, and any paperwork and
    42        similar stuff you had to do, you would stay on and do
    43        afterwards?
    44        A.  Exactly so.
    46   Q.   Was that the general pattern?
    47        A.  That is what I was doing, that is right.
    49   MR. MORRIS:   So you had all this extra paperwork on top of your
    50        working on the floor? 
    51        A.  While I was on the floor, I was told to do certain 
    52        things, but I would get some stuff done, half my stuff 
    53        I was asked to do, and get the other stuff done afterwards.
    55   Q.   Were you scheduled for a normal 35 to 40 hours?
    56        A.  Yes, I was.
    58   Q.   Then you had to stay on longer because you had extra
    59        paperwork and stuff?
    60        A.  That was my choice to stay on.