Day 214 - 01 02 96 - Page 3

                                                                  DAY 214
                                                 DAVID ROBERTS, Examined:
     1   Q.   As a full-timer?
     2        A.  As a full-timer, I was probably 19.
     4   Q.   19, yes.  Then you went to Leytonstone.  What sort of a
     5        restaurant was the Leytonstone one?
     6        A.  Leytonstone is a very busy drive-thru; it was a brand
     7        new restaurant, a very busy one.
     9   Q.   You were there as a First Assistant until 1989 when you
    10        went as Store Manager to Bethnal Green; is that right?
    11        A.  That is right.
    13   Q.   Then from Bethnal Green, after two and a half years, you
    14        went to Harringay.  What sort of restaurant is Harringay?
    15        A.  The Harringay was a drive-thru restaurant as well.
    17   Q.   Then you went to back to Leytonstone after three months,
    18        and then to Hertford; yes?
    19        A.  That is correct, yes.
    21   Q.   Is Hertford an ordinary one or a drive-thru?
    22        A.  That is, yes, a normal high street.
    24   Q.   Then you went after that on your travels, you went after
    25        six months to Uxbridge?
    26        A.  That is right.
    28   Q.   Is that an ordinary one?
    29        A.  That is a high street store as well.
    31   Q.   Finally, I think Mr. Khazna told us, on 25th June 1994 you
    32        went to Heathrow ---
    33        A.  That is correct.
    35   Q.   -- which, as we know, is a drive-thru?
    36        A.  That is correct.
    38   Q.   How long did you stay at Heathrow?
    39        A.  It is about 13 months.
    41   Q.   So from the end of June to about July/August 1995 ---
    42        A.  That is right.
    44   Q.   -- is that right?  Did you know Semir Khazna before you
    45        moved to Heathrow?
    46        A.  Yes, I did.  He was my restaurant Manager when I first
    47        started in the Company.
    49   Q.   At Enfield?
    50        A.  At Enfield, yes. 
    52   Q.   Did he ever supervise you at any time while you were a 
    53        Manager?
    54        A.  Only at the Heathrow restaurant.
    56   Q.   Only at Heathrow?
    57        A.  Yes.
    59   Q.   Looking at just one or two little points in your statement,
    60        now that we have got the documents, can you turn to