Day 217 - 09 02 96 - Page 3

                                                                  DAY 217
                                                     MRS. HOVI, Examined:
     1        week.
     3   Q.   Just go through the statement, and if you have any comments
     4        to make on any of the matters raised there, if you just let
     5        the court know.
     7   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Do you want to do it this way -- because it
     8        is for Mr. Rampton to put anything which he wants to in
     9        cross-examination.
    11   MR. MORRIS:  I know that Miss Hovi has a number of things which
    12        she wants to raise.  She does not want to comment on every
    13        paragraph.
    15   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Can you take her to them?
    17   MR. MORRIS:  I have not had time to go through with it with
    18        her.  She said that she has things she wants to say in
    19        response; and that is it, really.
    21   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, I do not know what the position is; nor,
    22        apparently, does Mr. Morris.  If the position were that in
    23        large part Miss Hovi accepted what Mr. Bone now says, that
    24        obviously is going to save an enormous amount of time if it
    25        is done this way.  If not, of course, we are going to be
    26        here for some time.
    28   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am not going to say it should be done one
    29        way or the another.  You remember one of the things, when
    30        we were arguing about recall of witnesses and leave for
    31        Mr. Bone, and so on, I said that no doubt one of the first
    32        things we would find out if Miss Hovi came back was where,
    33        if at all, she accepted what Mr. Bone said and where her
    34        recollection was different.
    36        You go on.  I think it is easier if you just let Miss Hovi
    37        go on.  I have a copy, so you can just refer us all to a
    38        particular paragraph on a particular page.
    40        (To the witness): Have you marked a copy of the statement
    41        where -----
    42        A.  I have a marked copy for myself.
    44   Q.   Would it be easier for you to use that to remind yourself?
    45        A.  Yes, it probably would.
    47   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   Is there any objection?
    49   MR. RAMPTON:  No.  I would be in favour of that in this
    50        instance. 
    52   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  (To the witness)  Do you mind going to get 
    53        it?
    55   THE WITNESS:  I have it here with me.
    57   MR. MORRIS:  If you just take us to the paragraphs you wish to
    58        comment on?
    59        A.  All right.  I would like to start with paragraph 3
    60        concerning laboratory testing.  Mr. Bone here reiterates