Day 233 - 26 03 96 - Page 2

                                                                  DAY 233
     1                                      Tuesday, 26th March, 1996
     3   MS. STEEL:   Just before we start with Mr. Lyman, I wanted to
     4        hand in a draft defence which we want to apply for leave to
     5        add to our defence.  It concerns consent by the Plaintiffs
     6        to the publication of the leaflet complained of, through
     7        the publication by the private investigators who
     8        infiltrated the group and through the length of time they
     9        left it before bringing the action.  But, obviously, we are
    10        not expecting to deal with that today.
    12   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  What I suggest is, we hear Mr. Lyman's
    13        evidence and then, whenever that ends, there will obviously
    14        be procedural matters to be discussed, and you can mention
    15        that if you wish.
    17   MS. STEEL:   OK.  If we call Mr. Lyman?
    19   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.
    21                      MR. HOWARD LYMAN, affirmed
    22                      Examined by the Defendants
    24   MS. STEEL:   If you could give your full name to the court,
    25        please?
    26        A.  My name is Howard F. Lyman.
    28   Q.   And you are resident from Washington in the USA?
    29        A.  Alexandria, Virginia.
    31   Q.   Can I just say, we have given the witness a copy of the CV
    32        to take into the witness box, which, hopefully, you have a
    33        copy of ---
    35   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, I have.  I put it in my bundle.
    37   MS. STEEL: -- to make it easier to go through.  (To the witness)
    38        Can you basically confirm that this CV is correct?
    39        A.  It is.
    41   Q.   I will ask you a few questions about it.  We see from the
    42        work experience that you were raised on a four generation
    43        farm/ranch in Montana and you were the owner of the Lyman
    44        Ranch and Lyman Cattle Company from 1965 to 1983.  Can you
    45        tell us a little about the size of the ranch, the way it
    46        changed over the years, and how you came to be critical of
    47        modern production methods?
    48        A.  The original homestead was bought by my
    49        great-grandfather in 1908.  My father and grandfather
    50        became part of it.  I was raised on that and went to 
    51        Montana State University, graduated in 1961, then went into 
    52        the army, came back in 1963.  In 1963, when I came back, 
    53        I took a look at the farm.  It was a small organic dairy
    54        farm.  I took a look at investing the money I had saved in
    55        the time up to that time, and I decided to invest that
    56        money.  I became a part owner in it, and, as that went
    57        along, I became the majority owner.  What I attempted to do
    58        was to take that organic farm and put it into the kind of
    59        farm that I was educated about at Montana State
    60        University.  When I went to Montana State University, it