Day 243 - 02 May 96 - Page 02

     1                                           Thursday, 2nd May 1996.
     3   MR. RAMPTON:  Before Miss Link is called, or Mrs. Link as it may
     4        be, I do not know, I do have some comments, I fear, to make
     5        about her two statements, I hope not controversial about
     6        the first one.  My Lord, I think they are in 1B of blue
     7        bundle.
     9   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.
    11   MR. RAMPTON:  At tab 5, section c, I think it is.
    13   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I have that.
    15   MR. RAMPTON:  I recall your Lordship's ruling, although I am
    16        afraid I have not been able to lay hands on it, that so far
    17        as the first statement is concerned, everything is to be
    18        left out until one gets to the part headed "Minimisation"
    19        which is paragraph 3.
    21   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  The ruling was on 15th December last year.
    22        It was to the effect that evidence relating to wood pulp
    23        processing and incineration was not relevant to any issue
    24        in the case, but that evidence about recycling of
    25        wastepaper and reducing waste generally was.
    27   MR. RAMPTON:  Yes.
    29   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  So, looking at Miss Link's first statement,
    30        it seemed to me that after the first sentence of paragraph
    31        2 where she says she is informed that McDonald's uses large
    32        quantities of paper, which is, in any event, common ground,
    33        one goes on to paragraph 38 on the page with a little "8"
    34        in a circle in the top right-hand corner.
    36   MS. STEEL:  Would that be wrong with the whole of paragraph 2?
    38   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  No.
    40   MS. STEEL:   Why?
    42   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Because it brings in the question of bleached
    43        wood pulp.  I do not mind that you can say ----
    45   MS. STEEL: But it is not talking about the process; it is only
    46        talking about that that pulp is used.
    48   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  But where does she get her information?  Is
    49        it from a source we do not have?
    51   MS. STEEL:   It says, "according to Casper Van Erp's statement". 
    53   MR. JUSTICE BELL: Yes, well then we have it.
    55   MS. STEEL: So what is the point in it being repeated?
    57   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  There is no point, except it brings in the
    58        point of bleached wood pulp which I had thought was the
    59        question which she was trying to raise.  It is an
    60        introduction to the matters which may be of greater

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