Day 255 - 23 May 96 - Page 02

     1                                      Thursday, 23rd May, 1996.
     3   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes.  Come back into the witness box, please
     4        Mr. Nicholson.
     6                 Sidney Thompson Nicholson, Recalled:
     7             Cross-examined by the Defendants, Continued:
     9   MS. STEEL:  Could you, please, get out the file "words
    10        complained of"?
    11        A.  Words complained of?
    13   Q.   Yes.  It has a pink label.
    15   MR. JUSTICE BELL: It does not have a number on, so it is
    16        probably one of the ones on the top or in the far
    17        right-hand corner?
    18        A.  I have it, my Lord.
    20   MS. STEEL:  You were basically responsible for liaising with the
    21        solicitors over all legal action or threatened legal action
    22        that was going to be taken over any publications
    23        criticising McDonald's?
    24        A.  Yes.  Any litigation arising out of publications from
    25        1983 onwards, I would be the main McDonald's person
    26        concerned.
    28   Q.   Right.
    29        A.  In the United Kingdom, yes.
    31   Q.   But they were then authorised by Paul Preston if it was
    32        actually going to go any further or what?
    33        A.  Yes.  If it went beyond writing a solicitors letter, or
    34        something like that, if it was likely to result in the
    35        Company going to litigation, then I would let Paul know and
    36        he would let his Board Members know.
    38   Q.   Do you mean Board Members in the UK or in the US?
    39        A.  I think he would have to report to the Board, which
    40        would include the three American Members who sat on the
    41        Board.
    43   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, but that is the UK Board?
    44        A.  That is the UK Board, my Lord, certainly.
    46   MS. STEEL:  Who were those 3 US Members on the UK Board?
    47        A.  Fred Turner, Mike Quinlan and Jim Cantelupo.  I am not
    48        sure whether he had to go to them for permission, I think
    49        it was a case of courtesy that he let them know that he
    50        approved. 
    52   Q.   They are not based in the UK, are they? 
    53        A.  No.
    55   Q.   Right.  If we turn to tab 1?
    56        A.  Yes?
    58   Q.   This says it is the lead student magazine; do you remember
    59        this?
    60        A.  No, I am afraid I do not.

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