Day 255 - 23 May 96 - Page 03

     2   Q.   You do not remember?
     3        A.  I would remember some of the more serious cases but the
     4        small things like students magazines, and things like that,
     5        there were a lot of them that came up and I would have
     6        difficulty in remembering them myself. I certainty do not
     7        remember this one.
     9   Q.   This does not appear to be something which has been taken
    10        from a London Greenpeace publication, does it?
    11        A.  Well, I am afraid I can hardly read it.  It has been
    12        marked over with highlighter which has almost obliterated
    13        it.   Some of the comments that I can read are related to
    14        things that London Greenpeace referred to in their leaflet.
    16   Q.   Right, but, say, for example, things about rainforests,
    17        now, that is obviously mentioned in the London Greenpeace
    18        leaflet?
    19        A.  Yes.
    21   Q.   But it was a criticism that had been made by Norman Myers
    22        long before, and other people obviously, London Greenpeace
    23        ever came on to the scene in terms of McDonald's?
    24        A.  Yes.  My knowledge of it, certainly I know that Norman
    25        Myers was involved before I came into the Company.  The
    26        Canadian Company dealt with it.
    28   Q.   You were not aware of London Greenpeace until about a year
    29        or two after you join the Company?
    30        A.  The only thing I can go on is that the first letter
    31        from Barlows, which was in 1984, which clearly
    32        I authorised, so, you know, my knowledge of
    33        London Greenpeace probably stems from round about that
    34        time.
    36   Q.   Right, and that was a couple of years after you joined the
    37        Company?
    38        A.  About a year.
    40   Q.   About a year.  Was it 1993 you joined?
    41        A.  I joined on 1st January 1993.
    43   Q.   So it is more or less 2 years?
    44        A.  Whatever, yes.
    46   MR. MORRIS:  I think the letter is dated December 1994?
    47        A.  In that case, it is about 2 years.
    49   MS. STEEL:  In the index at the front?
    50        A.  Yes? 
    52   Q.   Maybe if you open it, it says: "Date of action:  February 
    53        1986".  In relation to this, do you remember anything about
    54        that?
    55        A.  No, I am afraid I do not.
    57   Q.   If you turn to tab 2?
    58        A.  Yes?
    60   Q.   The Green Capitalists.  Do you remember this document?

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