Day 258 - 07 Jun 96 - Page 03

     1        out not to be the case no doubt Mr. Rampton will tell us.
     3   MS. STEEL:   It will be helpful if the Plaintiffs did check
     4        whether or not, in fact, they have blanked out those
     5        tables, and if so--
     7   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  I am sure they will because Mr. Rampton said
     8        it is a matter for Mr. Atkinson, it will be Mr. Atkinson's
     9        decision if it was done.
    11   MR. MORRIS:  If we go to the July 1991 final report, at the back
    12        of AF6, if you go to page -- well, if we look at page 4,
    13        please, there is a last paragraph in the middle of that
    14        paragraph which says, "the rational reasons for using
    15        McDonald's will not disappear but their value to the
    16        customer could be enhanced by building up closer emotional
    17        bonds which would in turn raise the worth of McDonald's for
    18        customers."
    19        A.  Sorry, this is page 4?
    21   Q.   Yes, this is page 4.
    22        A.  Can you point out which paragraph again, please?
    24   Q.   I am sorry, it is the last paragraph?
    25        A.  OK.
    27   Q.   The first sentence reads, 'These findings recommend very
    28        strongly that action is needed to strengthen the emotional
    29        linkage between customers and the McDonald's brands'.  Then
    30        it talks about building up a close emotional bond.  This is
    31        part of the marketing strategy, yes, to increase that
    32        emotional bond?
    33        A.  From 1992 onwards, based on this document, the strategy
    34        would have been to take action, particularly with the tone
    35        of the advertising, to achieve that.  Yes.
    37   Q.   Right.  If you look at page 24, probably an obvious
    38        question here, 'brand personality'.  If you look at the
    39        second to last paragraph, it says, 'The most important
    40        thing about McDonald's personality', that is its brand
    41        personality, 'is its happy nature, it is active and busy
    42        and is a clown.  For some the personality of the brand
    43        appears to be influenced heavily by ronald mcdonald'.  And
    44        is that where the advertising links in?
    45        A.  Links into what, sorry?
    47   Q.   Links into this whole emotional bond?
    48        A.  Yes, but ronald mcdonald, the reason why the research
    49        company are reporting on ronald mcdonald's in this context
    50        is that ronald mcdonald, who is the kind of lead character 
    51        of our children's advertising, is very much a focal point 
    52        within our children's advertising.  The reason for the 
    53        research company commenting on this is that it would seem
    54        here that, more than we would expect, ronald mcdonald was
    55        having an influence upon the way that adults perceive
    56        McDonald's.
    58   Q.   So, it does not just affect specific children, it affects
    59        children's perceptions?
    60        A.  Yes.

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