Day 259 - 10 Jun 96 - Page 03

     1        of, then might that explain why it was that you thought
     2        that all the leaflets were the leaflet complained of,
     3        initially, that were being handed out on that
     4        demonstration; for example, the leaflets that I was

     5        holding?
     6        A.  The leaflets that I saw you pick some up from had that
     7        frontispiece on and, therefore, I took -----
     9   Q.   The graphic?
    10        A.  Yes, that cartoon.  So, therefore, I took it for
    11        granted that they were those leaflets.  The leaflet I was
    12        handed in the high street was that leaflet, because
    13        I handed that to Mrs. Brinley-Codd the next day; that was
    14        definitely the leaflet complained of.  The leaflets I saw
    15        the next day in Terry Carroll's possession were, in the
    16        main, the leaflet complained of.  That was the first time
    17        I realised that a second leaflet -- and, as I understand
    18        it, he only got a second leaflet -- that, in fact, a second
    19        leaflet had been distributed at the demonstration.
    21   Q.   When did you first decide that it was necessary to refer to
    22        this man handing out leaflets?
    23        A.  Pardon?
    25   Q.   It was not mentioned in your first statement, and it is in
    26        your second statement.  When was it that you decided that
    27        it was necessary to refer to this man handing out the
    28        fact sheet?
    29        A.  Right, OK.
    31   Q.   Was that your decision or the solicitors'?
    32        A.  When I made my first statement, I had not looked upon
    33        my presence at the demonstration as being an evidential
    34        gathering exercise.  I simply went down there to see what
    35        was going on, and I did want to get a copy of the leaflet
    36        being handed out.  It was not until later, when we realised
    37        that, or we perceived that your defence was going to be
    38        that you had not distributed the leaflet, that I saw any
    39        importance in what I had noticed that afternoon.  Whether
    40        it was me that realised the importance or whether it was
    41        the solicitors, I cannot remember.
    43   Q.   So, it would have been after this time that you told
    44        Barlow Lyde & Gilbert about this man handing out the
    45        leaflets?
    46        A.  No.  I think I told them -- I told them that I had been
    47        handed a leaflet, but we did not place any undue importance
    48        upon that fact at that time.  There were a lot of people
    49        handing out leaflets that day.  Me getting one did not, at
    50        that time, appear to me to be of much significance. 
    52   Q.   The supplementary statement that you made --- 
    53        A.  Yes.
    55   Q.   -- you went in and gave further details, or a proof of
    56        evidence?
    57        A.  Yes.
    59   Q.   That would have been after you had seen the photographs of
    60        the picket and the videos?  I mean, you obviously seen

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