Day 265 - 19 Jun 96 - Page 02

     1                                                    19th June 1996.
     3   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   Miss Steel called to say she would be late
     4        and to go on without her.
     6   MR. MORRIS:  OK.  Did she say what time she might arrive?
     8   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  No, the message did not extend to that.
    10   MR. MORRIS:  Can I just sort my papers out?
    12   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   At some stage, I want to talk about the fact
    13        that Mr. Claire cannot come tomorrow and what, if anything,
    14        we might do instead.  But it seems to me the best thing to
    15        do is to get on with Mr. Cannon and talk about that later
    16        when Miss Steel hopefully will be here anyway.
    18   MR. MORRIS:  OK.
    20   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Do you want to recall Mr. Cannon again?
    22                  Geoffrey Cannon, recalled
    24   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   Mr. Cannon was sworn before.  Yes.
    26   MR. MORRIS:  Mr. Cannon, I think we should work from the
    27        statements in the witness bundles.  If you can get it out,
    28        I do not know if someone can help you?
    30   MR. JUSTICE BELL:   Well, it is pale blue, volume 1.  Only from
    31        the third statement, not the first two.
    33   MR. MORRIS:  Yes, but I was going to ask him a couple of
    34        questions about the first two statements to see if it still
    35        stands because Mr. Cannon is to be asked about whether
    36        things have changed or not.
    38             Now, there should be three statements in there?
    39        A.   I do not think this is the right book, but it might
    40        speed things up if I could have that pile of stuff behind
    41        you because my previous statements are in there.  I did not
    42        know you wanted to refer to them.
    44   MR. RAMPTON:  I am sorry not to be able to help.
    45        A.   I am sorry, I do have them here.  I beg your pardon.
    46        If you are referring, Mr. Steel (sic), to the statement of
    47        September 27th and my original statement, yes, I do have
    48        them here.
    50   MR. MORRIS:  Right, now the statement that was done last week, 
    51        is that there as well? 
    52        A.   Yes. 
    54   Q.   Do you have a copy yourself?
    55        A.   Yes.
    57   Q.   OK.  Before we go into the evidence I want to talk about
    58        your own position.
    60   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Take that volume.  Can you bring it round in

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