Day 265 - 19 Jun 96 - Page 05

     1        A.   Can I interject there?
     3   Q.   Yes, please?
     4        A.   Yes, that is true, and in addition the WHO, but I
     5        think the point I want to stress is that these, generally
     6        speaking, are recommendations which are based on science
     7        but are addressed not merely to scientists in the field but
     8        to policy makers and, indeed, the general public.
    10   Q.   Right.  Then, at the bottom of that page, the last large
    11        paragraph starting:
    13             "All expert consensus statement issued by
    14        authoritative scientific and research bodies by governments
    15        and by international bodies in the last twelve years on
    16        diet and cancer have basically come to the same conclusion,
    17        which is that a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and cereals,
    18        preferably whole grain, protects against cancers and that a
    19        diet high in meat, fatty foods, fat and salty foods and
    20        also alcohol increase the risk of cancers.  All of these
    21        aspects of the diet evidently increase the risk of cancer,
    22        or some cancers, independently of each other.  Another
    23        authoritative statement issued in the last 12 years on diet
    24        and cancer comes to a substantially different conclusion."
    26             Has that situation remained the same since you wrote
    27        that statement or have there been any changes?
    28        A.   The situation remains the same.  That is a fair
    29        summary of what such statements say.  I am mean, I could
    30        myself comment on what they say in that quite often I think
    31        their statements draw their conclusions quite broadly, one
    32        of the issues being here that it is probably rather a
    33        mistake to talk about cancer, singular, if you are
    34        referring to what causes and prevents cancer.  It is really
    35        rather more correct to talk about cancers as they are,
    36        effectively, different disease entities.
    38             So that while I think as a broad generality those
    39        statements, the statement I have made there, which is
    40        indeed a fair reflection of what such reports say, is
    41        accurate, if one wanted to be more precise, say, in the
    42        case of alcohol you would be talking about particular
    43        cancers.  It mean, for instance, all alcohol has no role in
    44        melanoma of the skin, for example -- or at least not to
    45        anyone's knowledge so far.
    47   Q.   Right.
    48        A.   Whereas it has a major role in other cancers, which I
    49        think are not very relevant to this case, as I understand
    50        it. 
    52   Q.   You say the situation is broadly the same -- well, it is 
    53        the same.  Since you wrote that statement, have any of
    54        those bodies that you have quoted changed their mind and
    55        said that they were wrong about the recommendations they
    56        made?
    57        A.   No.
    59   Q.   Have any new bodies made similar recommendations who have
    60        not made them before?

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