Day 270 - 28 Jun 96 - Page 03

     1   Q.   And what is your current occupation?
     2        A.  I am a legal secretary.
     4   Q.   When you are speaking, if you can try and speak out to
     5        the court.
     7   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Especially when you are answering Ms. Steel,
     8        who is on your side of the court please.  If you can speak
     9        up loud and clear into the court.
    10        A.  I will try.
    12   MS. STEEL:  The microphone does not actually magnify your
    13        voice.  It just records it for the stenographers.  Have you
    14        got a copy of your statement in front of you?
    15        A.  No, I have not.
    17   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  It should be in pale blue Volume 1C.  It is
    18        there.  Would you like to pull it down in front of you?
    20   MR. RAMPTON:  My Lord, Mrs. Brinley-Codd has put the notes which
    21        we disclosed behind Mrs. Tiller's statement.
    23   MR. JUSTICE BELL:  Yes, I have put them in my notes bundle, but
    24        it does not matter where they are.
    26   MS. STEEL:  (To the witness):  I will read through your
    27        statement and ask you whether or not you are happy to
    28        confirm it at the end of it.  If there is anything that you
    29        want to correct or clarify as I go through, then stop me at
    30        the end of the paragraph and say whatever it is that you
    31        want.
    32        A.  Right.
    34   Q.   Statement of Frances Tiller.  Paragraph 1:
    36        "From the 21st August, 1989 to 29th June, 1990 I was
    37        employed as a secretary/personal assistant to the Managing
    38        Director of King's Investigation Bureau, Chancery House, 53
    39        to 64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QU (KIB).
    41        "Towards the end of this time the Managing Director asked
    42        me to attend meetings of London Greenpeace as an
    43        investigator.  I normally did secretarial/administration
    44        work in the office, but the Managing Director needed more
    45        people to cover investigations and he asked me to do this.
    46        When I left King's Investigation Bureau, the Managing
    47        Director asked me if I would continue to attend meetings of
    48        London Greenpeace for a while and I agreed to do so.  I was
    49        paid for doing this.  I was aware that McDonald's was the
    50        client for whom the investigations were being made. 
    52        "The general practice at King's Investigation Bureau was 
    53        that the investigators submitted reports on a daily basis
    54        and the Managing Director made a composite report from
    55        those which were sent to the client.  The Managing Director
    56        would dictate the composite notes to me which I then typed
    57        up.  Most of the clients would be sent weekly composite
    58        reports".
    59        A.  Can I just make one comment there.  I said "submitted
    60        reports on a daily basis".  They would have submitted

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