McDonald Annual Review


A big smile all round.

McDonald's restaurants are well-known for the contribution they make to their local communities. "Putting back into the community" is one of our central business principles, and as a member of Business in the Community's "Per Cent Club" since 1988 we a Nation Initiatives. The 1993 McDonald's Child of Achievement Awards were presented by the Princess of Wales and in February 1994 by a host of celebrities, including world and Olympic champion hurdler Sally Gunnell. Now in their sixth year of sponsorship

The McDonald's Young Athletes League (YAL) provides thousands of aspiring and talented youngsters with the chance to take part in competitive athletics. A training ground for future British champions, the YAL also provides an opportunity for our restau Support On The Ground. McDonalds restaurants are very active in their local communities, looking for opportunities to involve themselves in local events and activities. Thousands of projects receive support every year, covering a wide range of activiti Charitable Donations.

Ronald McDonald Children's Charities (RMCC) raised over £150,000 in 1993, bringing the total raised since its formation in 1989 to over £1.9 million. Projects supported in 1993 included a Liberator Touch Talker donated to a school Thanks to donations including £1 million pounds from Ronald McDonalds Children's Charities the second Ronald McDonald House opened in April 1993 at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. With 370 beds, Alder Hay id the largest children's hospital The day to day costs of Ronald McDonald Houses are funded primarily trough trusts set up to run each house. McDonald's often provides ongoing support, for example, fifteen local restaurants fundraise regularly for the Alder Hey House and in 1993 200 Mc At a national level, for the third year running McDonald's helped to contribute over £200,000 to the Variety Club's Golden Heart Appeal in February 1993. In 1994 as part of our twentieth anniversary celebrations, we have launch the Big Smile Appeal to raise over £1 million for children's causes across the country. Throughout the summer, restaurants are raising money for RMCC which will be donated to schools throughout the country.

McDonald Annual Review



Whilst many companies have only recently recognised the impotence of playing an active role and responsible role in society it is nothing new to McDonald's. Putting back into the community is so much a part of our corporate culture.

As a member of the Per Cent Club and Business in the Community, McDonald's is publicly committed to contributing at least 1% of its pre-tax profits to the community. Charitable donations amount to £1.1 million, both for the company and Ronald McDonald However, the main trust of our fund-raising activity is generated at a far more grass-roots level; members of our restaurant staff are well known for the tremendous energy, drive and commitment they dedicate towards serving local needs.

Rather than making blanket contributions to charities, RMCC tries, wherever possible to answer the specific needs of hospitals and children's organisations and to target its funds accordingly. Over the years we have achieved this through various means Ronald McDonald Houses Medical experts believe that the close love and support of a parent is essential to a sick child's recovery. It is in response to this that 153 Ronald McDonald houses have been built around the world, two of which are in the UK. A Ronald McDonald House is a "home away from home" where families of children in hospital can stay to provide love and support which is so vital to the recovery of a sick child. Each house has a number of bedrooms where families can enjoy their own privacy.

RMCC has donated £1 million towards the second, recently opened Ronald McDonald House, which is located alongside Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. McDonald's and RMCC donated over £1.25 million towards establishing the first Ronald McDonald House in the UK. At Guys Hospital in London, it was opened in June 1990 and McDonald's continues to play an active role in its running.

Working With Children

For the past five years, 150 children have annually gathered to collect a McDonald's Child of Achievement Award. This is presented to children under the age of 16 who have either overcome serve physical or mental difficulties or who have shown tremendo Our work with children also extends to education. A number of McDonald's managers and licensees are school governors and we employ a full-time education consultant who co-ordinates the Companies nation-wide links with schools and advises us on the deve "A company only has the right to operate in a community when it is prepared to contribute to it" Ray Kroc And, each year, McDonald's gives thousands of school levers and students their first job, providing valuable work experience, training and career opportunities. We have also initiated two schemes in Wolverhampton and Nottingham.