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Peace and Freedom Party

Posted by: bill on November 11, 1999 at 10:48:06:

In Reply to: Peace & Freedom? posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on November 10, 1999 at 18:19:02:

: What do they stand for exactly? Where would they fit on teh political spectrum? And how close are they to 1) winning any political office, 2) influencing the system in more subtle ways., or 3) launching effective protests, rallies, strikes, ro otehr extra-legal methods of advancing socialism.

: Thanks for any information

: NJ

I'm not actually an "activist" for P&F so I have no "inside" information. I do know from my own experience in various civil actions, that the P&F supporters seem more willing to risk arrest than the Greens but that's just a subjective impression. (the arrests were Earth First! type actions). They are also unapologetically up-front about their support of socialism - a word the Greens (in California) seem unable to utter.

The Party was formed largely in reaction to the Vietnam War. They garner no more than around 3% of the vote. They have become somewhat marginalized as the Greens came on the scene (and whose candidates and demos I sometimes support).

A lot of info can be found here

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