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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on November 11, 1999 at 11:43:18:

In Reply to: USE-Value : Objectivity or Subjectivity? (contd.) posted by Kweassa on November 10, 1999 at 10:36:43:

I'm an advertizer. I want my message to hit as many people as possible. What show do I buy my spot on, knowing that the public's taste in programming is very subjective?

Hmm. Better check the Neilson rating.


I'm a fast food company. I'm make my profit on the ease and taste of my food. But ... what do people want in a burger? They're so subjective about what they like ...

Better do a consumer study.

And so on.

Or, we could go with the socialist model ...

(Comrade, the Party has decreed that, as cooking food is in the best interests of the people, and in that a home stove is a dialectically scientific tool for such preparations of the people's edibles, it has been decreed that all comrades shall have a home stove at the end of five years.

We shall expect an 20-fold increase in the production of wood-burning pot-bellied ovens. Here are the plans; arrangements are being made for the cast iron, and the lumberjacks have been "inspired" to up their production.

What? You do not WANT a pot-bellied stove? ~REACTIONARY TRAITOR~! To the gulag with this back-sliding upstart!)

A pot-bellied stove is simply worth more that some bourgeois trifle from Westinghouse, you silly goose. Can't you see the extra labor that goes into this cast-iron socialist behemoth? Just carrying the fool thing into the house ups its intrinsic labor value!

Ohh ... I hope you folks don't get another crack at it.

"Doc" Cruel

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