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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on November 11, 1999 at 11:47:26:

In Reply to: Barry vs. Nikhil posted by Barry Stoller on November 09, 1999 at 17:11:42:

How does one avoid the ad hominem attack, with such an invitingly exposed posterior?

I should say that I, for one, wish to enjoy my bourgeois privileges, and in the American tradition would wish that anyone willing to work for them could do likewise. Were I to desire factory work, or purchase a gun for duck-hunting, or pick up some Plato at the local Hastings (although - a tip of the hat to Ayn - I'd prefer some Aristotle), I most fortuitously live in a country where the prevalent philosophy, economic and political, allows for such contingencies. It would seem to be only the socialists and liberals who would begrudge me of my "God-given rights" (Marx being the supreme deity for these heathen dogs, I would seem to be covered in both quarters), and so I subsequently begrudge them of the privilege of statesmanship whenever the option is presented.

One might do better, instead of this tiresome extortation to mortal combat with the well-heeled foe, to find something that this capitalist slaver needs done. You might find that the resulting renumeration will go far towards your birdshot bill. If you are particularly set on this 'revolution' business, you might even feel free to save a few missiles for my own exposed bottom.

Just don't expect me to take that intrusion to my buttock lying down, friend.

Dr. "Sigmund" Cruel

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