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Posted by: Stoller on November 12, 1999 at 11:40:45:

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Goive me a break, Barry! Your cheap ad hominems are making me laugh? YI'm sure you ahve better grounds for disagreeing with me tahn this. As a matter of fact,if you read my post again, you woudl see, I talked about "peasant farmers, hermits, small self-employed people, small farmers and others who do not employ/exploit others...." Example: if a plumber works for himself, and doesn't hire anyone else, and is not in turn hired by a boss, then I think he should be left alone, because I don't see that he's exploiting anyone. And if you added up all the plumbers, hot dog salesmen, small farmers, carpenters, mechanics, and all the other SELF EMPLOYED people who DO NOT EMPLOY OTHERS, then that wouldn't make a fucking dent in the American property system.

I think I went over that before. In our economy, there is ALWAYS an employee. Distribution, Nikhil...

I would add that even a hot dog vendor uses tools that others made. A carpenter drives a car that others made AND created gasoline that powers it. Etc., etc.

Distribution also enters into a use-value BEFORE it becomes a commodity.

The Man-as-Island theory is not applicable in modern society.

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