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I think there's a difference between Marx and the marxists

Posted by: Lark on November 12, 1999 at 11:45:22:

In Reply to: There can be no true Marxism without totalitarianism. posted by Dr. Cruel on November 11, 1999 at 11:43:26:

: Stalin proved it. To socialists, inevitably "Politics comes from the barrel of a gun" (at least for Mao, anyway).

I think there's a difference between Marx and the marxists but I'm not going to waste my time defending either, do you ever realise that you dont get friedmanists, Novakists, Randists you just get capitalists? It's the same in the anarchists camp you dont get personality cults and quasi-religious sects either, I wish Socialists would learn from this.

: Get used to them, Lark. These are the people you'll be fighting for, when you decide that 'further discussion is pointless'.

Actually I wouldnt, I'd be most likely to be fighting against them like Nestor Makhno or the Spanish Anarchists etc.

: As for me, I'll sit in front of my T.V. set, glass of juice in hand, and watch the episode of C.O.P.S. where these lunatics are picked up for some violent crime or other. I shall quaff my bourgeois pleasure, safe in the notion that these Orwellian horrors are safely under lock and key. Until that happy day, you may find me...

What? You think your safe?

: "Doc" Cruel

: ...as always.

As always? Cheers anyway Doc call again.

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