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The Spectre of Totalitarian Rule.

Posted by: Lark on November 12, 1999 at 11:46:42:

In Reply to: A Spectre is haunting Mcspotlight posted by Chuck on November 10, 1999 at 15:57:43:

: His name is Barry Stoller and he is, in my opinion, the most impressive socialist on this board.

Why's that? Are his posts particularly lucide or is it perhaps because he can make reference to tons of boring trot and marx-ist literature?

:Finally, a Marxist who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade and rouse us from our petit bourgeois slumbers. It feels great.

What feels great? To never have an original idea? To attack your comrades as vocifierously as the capitalists? To make gross underestimations of existing freedom and engage in quasi-religious veneration of leadership? To ignore everything that happened in Russia, China etc. and think Stalin fell from the sky? To believe in personalities not politics? To peddle distortions of Marx's ideas?

Support Peace and Freedom.

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