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We shouldnt be fighting for some ditch!!

Posted by: Lark on November 12, 1999 at 13:04:19:

The state is a ditch behind which dwells the multitude of fortresses and earthworks that is society.

So who wants the fight for a ditch? The state is governable society is not, the socialist state is an easy target, easily singled out attacked and defeated, whereas a Socialist society is impossible to defeat, the aggregate of commited and determined individuals is ungovernable.

I mean the Conservatives etc. are terrified of the culture wars, even when their in office, the laissez faire press are constantly aggitated and paranoid about the possibility of creeping socialism, let's be clear that's not the expansion of state services or welfare (they're infavour of welfare for the rich and failing companies), that's socialist values permeating in society. That's the reason why they attack the very word socialism and try perpetually to associate it with the most terrible examples of totalitarianism, the whole easily remembered and harped off "Hitler, Stalin, Mao" nonsense.

What we've got to do, through almighty persuasion, is to conduct a slow motion coup and win society, society is strong the state is weak.

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