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Then Socialism is the party conciousness of bureacrats and new kings?

Posted by: Lark on November 15, 1999 at 14:53:31:

In Reply to: It is not socialism posted by Marcos on November 12, 1999 at 11:41:16:

: It is flawed comrade - I think you are recognising this now? No?

How is it flawed? You see labels are unimportant to me, invoking them to try and cause or resolve conflict is not good enough, it is like a contestant on a game show screaming that his opponent is a bigamist or an arsonist what good does it do? Does it change the situation?

I do await your criticisms though.

: : I've often wondered about defining myself as a soldier in a political cause, it may in one context mean a readiness to sacrifice myself for the cause

: Do not think only of 'my' or 'you' or 'i' for in our socialist future the word we wil look to is 'ours'.

Have you read the great anti-utopia "We" that was a precursor to 1984? It demonstrates how collectivism of this varitety could be a real hellish experience, I myself prefer egalitarian individualism to the bland bad collective.

: : I think it is more correct to say that communism correctly understood is to destroy power because what is power by the manifestation of inequality and status?

: Not revolutionary power over the capitalist!

In what way exactly? How is the state in socialist society any different than the capitalist one? It could be worse if it is a violent dictatorship armed with economic power aswell as political and social control but I dont see how the simple designation of socialist makes it any different.

Remember that if you are advocating complete state collectivism that the state will then be the sole capitalist but a capitalist none the less.

: : Why is trade union and mass consciousness contradictory? Trade Unions are the one organisation that actual workers are more likely to have contact with and work with and use in struggles in the workplace, whereas a party is completely different.

: Because a trade union seeks advanatge for only the small group - not the total proletariat.

When workers in a union fight for better pay and conditions and apply pressure at source to the employers and on their elected representatives etc. they can get legislation that benefits everyone in place.

:Capitalists can compete for trade union workers to exploit - and the union agrees!!

There are corrupt unions but it doesnt make them all corrupt.

:What is this if not traitorous to the proletariat as a whole!

It's traitorous to their members at least and the working people but the 'proletariat'? They dont exist.

: : I hope so, Cheers Comrade, are you the one who posted in favour of gun ownership?

: Indeed not - for what use is a gun to a mere individual member of our socialist future - what advantage does the gunman seek over his equals.

Oh, right, there was a tank in here once who was in favour of gun ownership once though.

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