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Excellent posting Farinata

Posted by: Quincunx on November 17, 1999 at 10:15:45:

In Reply to: Unfortunately, Microsoft is probably more powerful than the US government. posted by Farinata on November 15, 1999 at 14:33:06:

Thanks for responding. It's great to see when I'm corrected legitimately for a change instead of the usual pro-capitalist flame tactics.

: : The decision has come down and Bill Gates isn't too happy nowadays. A judge has decided what most people knew all along- Microsoft is a monopoly. MSNBC has decided to cover the story and why not? Their asses are on the line despite the claims of pundits on CNN and other business shows.

F: If only it were so; however, Wall St needs the reassuring presence of Microsoft; witness the general dip in IT shares at the beginning of last week - the collapse of Microsoft shares would probably result in a knockon collapse in the NASDAQ.

F: They may well argue about how competition is necessary to innovate, but they rely on the financial performance of Microsoft as a monopoly; and Wall St. dictates to the elected government of the US; thus it suits Wall St. that MS remain intact.

Qx: That is most likely the case but if Ms doesn't have a production operating system for a 64bit windows debut then they are definitely in trouble. MS doesn't have a lot of time in the eyes of some. The fact that Intel has already announced it is officially supporting the linux operating system is seen as evidence of that. IBM has announced much the same thing and so have many other companies. In the opinions of many, Linux on 64-bit INTEL, is the server of the future. Is this a likely scenario?

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