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Uruguay, for Nick

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on November 17, 1999 at 10:20:34:

In Reply to: Uruguay, for Doc & Frenchy posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on November 16, 1999 at 10:47:14:

Thanks for the interest in my opinion.

Iíve seen a great deal of this sort of thing in regards to Russia (pre 1990ís), Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, and so forth. The guerrillas (Vietcong, Sandanistas, etc.) always dealt out judicial punishments; they were just a bunch of freedom loving folk, fighting for their rights. The government, of course, was always quite villainous. When disquieting rumors would surface about these "freedom-lovers", it would be swept up under the Big Red Rug. Anything negative about the government, here or there, was the gospel truth by default. So we thus had the hedging of Chomsky, and the boat people, and other non-events. And so on.

Some pertinent points I take from this particular missive (which we can safely assume is fairly biased):

1) Dan Mitrione (whoever he was) apparently acted effectively to stifle the activities of the Tupamoros (the "good guys"). This peaceful group, after holding this public official for five days (in a nice way), tired of the fellow. His dead body was subsequently dumped off in a stolen car. One would assume this was done in a friendly, publicity causing manner.

2) The CIA is the only source in which thin copper wire might be had in Uruguay. Apparently, a trip to Montevideo would be too much trouble. Diplomatic pouches are used for these "transactions".

3) The only reason that the Uruguayan police would need to learn about the manufacture of bombs is to make them. Apparently, the Leftists and anarchists that peruse tomes such as The Anarchist's Cookbook (I have heard that this too is a CIA publication) do so for purely academic reasons. The bomb making/throwing tradition of radicals is, of course, left undiscussed.

In any case, they werenít policemen at all, but members of right-wing death squads.

4) The unfortunate Mr. Mitrione apparently was in the habit of torturing itinerants. We have the word of a Tupamoro sympathizer and Cuban spy for this bit of data (one Manuel Hevia).

5) The idea that Latin American student leftists were in any way connected with Soviet (or KGB) funding or involvement is government propaganda. Any documentation to this effect can safely be assumed to be forged.

6) Monitoring of said non-existant and/or harmless communist activity is no more than a "juvenile reflex".

7) Calling the police to rid your lawn of "revolutionary" campers is an act of police harrassment.

8) Whatever was said by the only person I know from Uraguay (a friend of my brotherís), claiming that Montevideo is a fairly nice place to live, was obviously tainted by that all-prevalent bourgeouis bias. Unless, of course, the Tupamoros managed to make some sort of brilliant comeback, which the above article implies was not the case.

I donít want to sound ungrateful for this enlightening information. Sometimes, in my quest to be fair and impartial, I occasionally feel the impulse to give Leftists the benefit of the doubt. These little bits from the Philip Agee types always quickly bring me to my senses - to the relief of the entire free world, no doubt.

Give Mr. Goebbels my regards.

Dr. "Pigeon" Cruel

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