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Work and Play

Posted by: bill on November 17, 1999 at 15:45:41:

In Reply to: odd definition of work posted by Gee on November 17, 1999 at 13:46:51:

: : SDF: When people who earn most of their income through investment choose to work, it's a hobby. When the owner of the Dallas Cowboys paces the sidelines at the football games each Sunday, it's a hobby. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys DOESN'T HAVE TO pace the sidelines -- he hires a coach and a set of executive personnel to manage the Cowboys for him, so all of that work is taken care of.

: My argument was - what would he be doing if he undertook the coaching job himself whilst owning the team? He would be working. Likewise a fellow who owns a corporation but still comes in to do actual productive work, whether it be a spot of accounts or some welding is working - the nature of the activity does not change because of his bank statement.

Certainly I would have expected you, of all people, would appreciate the difference between compulsion and "free choice". Alienation is a product of NOT having control of choices. That was what "free agency" amongst the sports elite was all about.

(Which was my original point here

The LTV provides a means by which the LACK of control of the product of one's labor can be quantified.

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