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Alert: Bubbleboy worm is now confirmed in the wild.

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on November 17, 1999 at 17:23:34:

...so if you use Windows and Outlook, take precautions, because the odds are that you will get sent it. You can read about it in Wired.

Basically, do *not* even open a mail containing the title "Bubble Boy is back (or similar) unless you're sure that your PC is safe from it. If you're not sure, don't.

Since Bubbleboy is merely the first of a new family of viruses, keep your eyes peeled on various antivirus websites for news of new auto-launch macro viruses.

The old precaution of "never open an attachment unless it's from a trusted source" doesn't help here; if you want to proof yourself against Bubbleboy style attacks, you should update your system to protect against this hole before you next read any email; that goes double if you use IE 5 or Outlook.

And, to quote the article "it only affects Windows-based machines".

GNU/Linux users will not be affected, neither will BeOS, Mac, Unix, *BSD or GNU/Hurd; since all of these OSes except MacOS are pretty much virus-proof.

However, for Windows users, from now on, you should check security announcements every day - before you read your email.

In unrelated news, a hole in Windows CE allows anyone to snarf NT passwords off a CE box; see here for details...and a bug in NT Service Pack 6 breaks Lotus Notes.

Where do you want to crash today?


(McSpotlight, I know this is waay off-topic, since I haven't mentioned capitalism directly (even if Microsoft is a direct result of capitalism); but I thought that, given the recent discussions about Microsoft, it would be good to put this news about on a pro bono publico basis. I won't do it again.)

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